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Headline for Discovering Tangalle - Making your way through the Coast of Sri Lanka
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Discovering Tangalle - Making your way through the Coast of Sri Lanka

Renowned for its untouched beaches, azure waters, and swaying palm trees, Tangalle beckons travellers seeking a serene escape off the beaten path. The town's gems include the ethereal Hiriketiya Beach, a surfing haven with its crescent-shaped bay and vibrant local atmosphere, as well as the serene Goyambokka Beach, where golden sands meet the gentle lull of the Indian Ocean. A visit to the iconic Mulgirigala Rock Temple, perched atop a colossal boulder, provides a glimpse into Sri Lanka's rich history and spiritual heritage.


Take a swim at Goyambokka Beach

Despite their breathtaking beauty, the majority of beaches in the Tangalle region are unsuitable for swimming due to their powerful waves. Nevertheless, Goyambokka, among the finest beaches in Sri Lanka, offers a tranquil beach experience, with the option to swim in its serene bays equipped with a reef that mitigates the strength of the waves. Additionally, Goyambokka showcases expansive stretches of white sandy shores, creating an ideal setting for leisurely sunbathing that you'll enjoy - the same kind of setting you'll find at places like the Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort


Watch the turtles at Rekawa Beach

Rekawa Beach serves as the nesting habitat for a diverse range of turtle species, including the green turtle, loggerhead turtle, hawksbill turtle, olive ridley turtle, and others. The Rekawa Turtle Watch stands as a marine conservation initiative dedicated to safeguarding the nesting locations of these turtles, ensuring the secure hatching of their eggs. Visitors can witness the awe-inspiring sight of turtles during the peak seasons, occurring from April to July, with a gentle reminder that exercising patience is essential for a rewarding experience.


Observe some culture at Mulkirigala Temple

For those who share a fondness for exploring spiritual sites, a pilgrimage to the historic Buddhist temple 'Mulkirigala Raja Maha Vihara' is highly recommended. Situated atop a natural rock reaching 205 meters in height, the temple features seven caves, each serving as a dwelling for the seven 'viharas.' Within these viharas, one can encounter grand sculptures of reclining, seated, and standing Buddha figures, complemented by elaborate wall paintings that embellish the sacred space.


Snorkel through Tangalle Lagoon​​​​​​​

Tangalle stands out as a premier destination for indulging in scuba diving and snorkelling adventures in Sri Lanka. Within the waters of Tangalle Bay, a diverse array of marine life awaits, including lionfish, angel fish, octopus, scorpion fish, and even lobsters. Scuba enthusiasts can explore captivating underwater landscapes featuring caves, shipwrecks, and coral tunnels, tailor-made to their individual diving proficiency and experience level - perfect for an escapade from your Sri Lanka luxury villa.


Sightsee at Bundala National Park

For nature enthusiasts and avid birdwatchers, a visit to Bundala National Park is a must. Located just a 40-minute drive from Tangalle, this park is renowned for its rich avian diversity, making it a haven for those who appreciate the wonders of the natural world. While exploring the park, keep an eye out for the iconic greater flamingos and various other migratory bird species that frequent the area. Bundala National Park offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of Sri Lanka's wildlife and enjoy the captivating sights of both resident and migratory birds.