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6 Famous street foods you can try on your next visit to Doha – Sample the essence of a rich heritage

Doha, the capital city of Qatar is representative of a nation’s deep-rooted ties to a culture which will fascinate you at every turn. Outlined below are 6 street food variants that you must tuck into in Doha. 



Commonly found across celebrated regions of the world, the Samosa is the modern-day version of a stuffed and fried dumpling that will come across as a tasty snack to have with you as you begin journeying through Doha. Those sold at Soghaat or Delhi Bakery denote a thin crust and are complete with a filling of either cheese, spinach or mincemeat. These flavoursome treats can be enjoyed as a starter or with your evening cuppa tea but be sure to have a chutney or two to dip into.



A close relation to the Chapati that you will find in India, the Poori is a local flatbread that is renowned for showcasing a crispy crust. Consumed plain or with fillings made up of honey, Nutella, cheese or mincemeat, Poori goes well with karak tea which is an aromatic beverage made from black tea, milk, sugar, cardamom, ginger and saffron. From tea shops that are found around street corners to the famed Souq Waqif, one will never grow tired of Poori and its partner in crime, karak tea. 



Luqaimat or lokma resembles donut holes to some while from the point of view of the Qataris, these sweet sensations are flour dumplings that will keep your spirits up. Undoubtedly, the country’s most famous sweet snack, Luqaimat is drizzled in sugar syrup and infused with saffron and cardamom and no sooner you sink your teeth through its hard crust, you will have your tastebuds savouring a warm, gooey centre that will certainly be the highlight of your experience. In terms of where to get your hands on some Luqaimat, visit the Souq Waqif.



Ragag is a paper-thin crepe which is made by folding and rolling same into a cone and is easily identified by a crispy, wafer-like texture that is as authentic as they come with reference to the topic of street food in Doha. Although best had with a choice of kebabs or tea, it wouldn’t be uncommon to find Ragag bathed in a selection of honey, eggs, cheese or a thick fish paste known as Mhyawa. Consider stopping by the central square in Souq Waqif where you will be able to purchase Ragag from local women.



Vegans need not fret for Doha is home to quite an array of vegan dishes that will pique your curiosity. Referred to as Falafel, this vegan snack sure does pack one almighty punch from a taste and texture perspective given the varied ingredients that go into making it. Well-ground chickpeas and fava beans are the ingredients in chief while sprinklings of tahini, parsley, garlic and coriander are a given. Falafel can be made into a round, flat cutlet or deep-fried ball. Layali Al Qahira and Zater wa Zeit are where you need to focus your travels if you desire to sample one of Doha’s finest street food options. When based at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara which features Doha restaurant facilities to avail of, then such treats can be easily delighted in.  



Arguably, the most liked type of street food in the entirety of the Middle East, Shawarma is the result of boneless strips of chicken or beef which are first stacked and then grilled on a rotating skewer. As the meat begins to flavour and cook, the edges are sliced and thereafter, wrapped in bread which is then showered in pickles, sauces and French fries to make for one flavourful explosion of spices, herbs, succulent meat and freshly baked bread. Al Nasr Street’s Jabal Lebnan or Mashawi Al Arabi nestled in the old airport area are popular stopovers for Shawarma.

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