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Textile fiber to fashion great content to see at

What is ginning of cotton? - Type /gin/Eli Whitney - Textiles School %

The removal of cotton fibre from seed called Ginning of Cotton. Now a day due to mechanical picking there is much trash along with seed--

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If you’re a fashion enthusiast, you’ve likely heard of stonewashed jeans. But what are they, exactly? Stonewash denim is a distressed and faded material. It has been treated with stones to achieve a worn-in appearance. These jeans have been a popular choice for decades. Stone wash denim continues to be a staple in many wardrobes.

Acid Wash Jeans -Rock Your Style with Trendy Acid Wash Jeans. - Textiles School

Discover the timeless appeal of acid wash jeans! Explore styles, DIY tips, and how to pair them for a standout fashion statement.

Moisture wicking textile - Understanding the science behind -

The science behind of moisture wicking textile is a capillary action. Capillary action is the movement of liquid through narrow tubes....

10 Reasons to Switch & Stick to a Microfiber Towel for Hair - Textiles School

Discover the hair care revolution with microfiber hair towel, Gentle, absorbent, and frizz-reducing, these towels cut drying time,....

8 Reasons You Need to Switch & Stick to Microfiber Towel - Textiles School

Discover the versatility and benefits of a microfiber towel. Learn why it's a must-have for effective cleaning and care in various fields.

Denim Enzyme Washing Process - A Step by Step Guide - Textiles School

Enzyme washing or "bio stoning" is a textile finishing process or technique in which enzymes are applied to denim or fabric to get a special..

13 Styles and Types of Women's Underwear - For Your Body Shape - Textiles School

Women’s underwear are different types to choose from and many of us don’t know how to choose the right underwear. The type of womens underwear

Geotextile Fabric - An overview- 3 types of geotextile & Applications - Textiles School

Elevate your projects with geotextile fabric! Enhance stability, prevent erosion, and boost drainage. Explore applications, benefits, tips

A Guide to Styles and Functions of Pockets- 14 Types of Pockets - Textiles School

Discover diverse pocket styles! Explore practical insights on different pocket types, from patch to welt pockets. Your ultimate pocket guide

Types of Jeans - 12 Different Styles of Denim to Wear - Textiles School

In the great and diversified world of fashion, few articles can match types of jeans in terms of timelessness and versatility. The idea that best-dressed individuals know how to dress for their body type is an axiom in fashion. This rule also applies to jeans.