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To Catch an SEO

Written By: Adam Dince One of my new favorite shows is Spike TV's, " Catch A Contractor ". Host Adam Carolla serves as a vigilant watchdog to homeowners who have been cheated by a contractor and left with an unfinished disaster. One of the reasons I love this show is because of co-host, Skip Bedell.

Why Does My Company Need Social Media Marketing?

Social media is a great way for people to engage with one another on the web. Peer to peer networking has in fact been around since the birth of the Internet. However, it has really taken off and gone main stream in the last ten years or so.

Content Quality Definition: 25 Experts Weigh In

2014 Is The Year Of Content Quality Do you think that any content marketing is good content? Think again. As a marketer, you need content quality for your information to stand out because you've got less than 10 seconds to capture your visitor's attention according to usability experts, Nielsen Norman Group.

Understanding How Profit Margins Affect Business Decisions

There have been many times in my career where I found myself saying "if only I knew this sooner - I would be so much better off today!" Surely you have caught yourself saying the same thing in your own career. We all receive information in varying doses, connect dots differently and reach conclusions on our own time.

Take Content from Ordinary to Extraordinary with These Olympian Traits

Watching U.S. skier Ted Ligety's intricate, athletic dance through the giant slalom course to win the gold was awesome. Following Ligety and all the athletes in Sochi got me thinking─I love their stories! They start out as ordinary people who learn to take on traits that are extraordinary.

Zenith Agenda 2014 Is Live! Duluth's Social Media Marketing Conference Returns

In association with the Duluth Chamber of Commerce, aimClear is thrilled to announce the third annual Zenith Social Media Conference. Zenith is truly a national-level social marketing conference held locally in Northern Minnesota each year. Attendees will be treated to cutting-edge-relevant social media marketing curriculum.

What is a Meta Descriptions & How to Improve Your Law Firms

Have you Googled your law firm recently? Did you notice that the description of your site was a bit different than the last time you checked? There's a reason for that. That text is called a "meta description," and it's something that every major search engine uses.

The Ultimate Guide to Google's Keyword '(Not Provided)'

Hindsight being 20/20, we should have done more sooner. Seemingly overnight, all keywords were being gobbled up by the dreadful "(not provided)" category in Google Analytics. Within a matter of two years, every person who had ever valued Google organic traffic had no choice but to deal with what was happening.

Links Are Vital to SEO: 5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Them!

on February 19, 2014 - 7:00 am in Search Marketing Google is the world's most popular and frequented search engine. With over 100 billion searches a month, Google has succeeded in becoming THE go-to resource for consumers seeking information. As a result, many businesses rely on Google to generate foot traffic both online and off.




3 Ways to Raise the Bar on Your Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy

When marketers approach Content Marketing and Social Media as a symbiotic relationship, there's no limit to the business goals you can achieve. To make that happen, marketers really need to start raising the bar on their approach. It's far too easy to get caught up in the distractions of the latest social media and content marketing tactics.

Creating a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Generating fresh and relevant content can be time consuming, frustrating, and sometimes just plain boring. Wouldn't it be nice to have some sort of plan behind content generation? Content marketing has taken the Internet marketing industry by storm, but it's no easy task.

SEMpdx SearchFest Conference - Feb. 28

Whoa! It's already February and Portland's 8th Annual SearchFest conference is almost here! Industry experts will soon be traveling to Portland to present on a broad collection of topics, including content marketing, digital and social advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, local and mobile marketing, social media marketing, online community building and using big data to...

SearchFest 2014 Mini-Interview: James Svoboda

James Svoboda will be speaking on the "#FAIL Free PPC" panel at SearchFest 2014 which will take place on February 28th, 2014 in Portland, Oregon. For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here. 1) Please give us your background and tell us what you do for a living.

MnSearch Events Move To Spyder Trap For 2014

The Minnesota Search Engine Marketing Association has grown to be an exceptional group putting together outstanding search and online marketing events monthly in the Twin Cities. The first MnSearch event of 2014 took place last night and Spyder Trap is proud to be the venue host for all of the 2014 monthly events. Features Saint Louis River in Minnesota

We love it when local Minnesota people and places get noticed! On Sunday, January 19th, 2014, the homepage featured the Saint Louis River here in Minnesota. It's a very cool and mysterious looking river don't cha think? (click for full image) So what's in the boxes?