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5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery in Korea

Here are most popular plastic surgery procedures trending in Korea

Double Eyelid Surgery | VIP Plastic Surgery Korea

Without skin incision, multiple micro holes are punctured along the double eyelid line.
Double Eyelid is created once the thread is inserted and sewed in the micro holes together.
Non-incision double eyelid surgery gives much less swelling and faster recovery compared to incision method.

Extended Deep Plane Facelift | Anti-Aging Face | VIP Plastic Surgery Korea

The Extended Deep Plane Facelift focuses on directly lifting and re-mobilizing the anterior loosened facial area by dissecting the important area that directly affects the result, a composite facial layer, by cutting the retaining ligaments at the anterior face.

Nose Surgery by Type | VIP Plastic Surgery Korea

It is important to understand that the nose surgery cannot simply consider the nose only, but it rather needs to find the harmonious ratio within the individual’s face. The nose, the center of the face, is wholly connected from the forehead, philtrum, lips, and front chin.

Dermal Injections | VIP Plastic Surgery Korea

VIP Dermal injection is a non-incision procedure that finds minor aesthetic needs and precisely corrects such as wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, and partial sunken areas achieving a harmony face. Dermal injections include filler, Botox, facial contour injection, shining injection, DNA injection, and skin-tox.

Volume Fat Grafting | VIP Plastic Surgery Korea

Fat grafting refers to an aesthetic procedure, in which extra fat in stomach or thigh of your body is taken and transplanted to other areas (face, breast, hip) devoid of fat to achieve good volume and shape.