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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 5 Essential Honeymoon Saving Tips - Your much-awaited postnuptial trip without breaking the bank
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5 Essential Honeymoon Saving Tips - Your much-awaited postnuptial trip without breaking the bank

Now that you’ve shared your “I do’s” and the nuisance of planning a wedding is behind you, the time to look forward to your much-awaited honeymoon is finally here. While it’s always the wedding that takes centre stage, honeymoons can also stress you out financially, but not with these expert tips.


Plan for shoulder seasons - Best of both worlds on the seasons’ cusp

Almost every destination has a peak and an off-peak season, and for the most part, it is the weather that makes it peak or off-peak season. While the weather is great during peak season, prices also reach their peak during this time of the year. Aside from the general peak and off-peak seasons, there are also the lesser-known “shoulder” seasons, which are seasons on the cusp of the off-peak and peak seasons. Plan your honeymoon for shoulder seasons, where both prices and the weather are moderate, avoiding the eye-watering prices of the peak season and the supposedly horrible weather of the off-peak season. To add to your delight, many hotels and resorts, including the likes of Hotel Boss, also offer various discounts and promotions during shoulder seasons.


Make it a staycation - An abundant idyll in the loving homeland

Honeymoons don’t always have to take place abroad, and outbound honeymoons, as a matter of fact, have become something more of a “fancy trend” than what many couples prefer in actuality. Staycations are a fantastic option when pulling off a cash-strapped honeymoon, and more often than not, isn’t even a compromise when looked at rationally as there are so many idyllic destinations to be explored and discovered right in your loving homeland.


Choose lesser-known destinations - Excitement abounds in the road less travelled

From flights to hotels, everything gets pricier the more popular the destination is. So it goes without saying, that to get more bang for your buck, you should consider choosing a lesser-known destination for your honeymoon. Going off the beaten path with your honeymoon destination doesn’t only go easy in your pocket but also affords the luxury of lesser crowds and bragging rights for having explored untouched places that wouldn’t make a usual honeymoon destination. For instance, the best places to stay in Singapore, might not be the usual hotspots as one may think it is.


Plan in advance - Last-minute bookings are always a risk

As it comes to all travels, it always pays to plan ahead, and your honeymoon is certainly no exception. Getting ahead with your research and planning can only do you good as, more often than not, prices tend to soar the closer it gets to the chosen date. Advance planning also gives you the benefit of choosing from the widest selection of options, from flights to hotel rooms and many others.


Set up a honeymoon budget - The rudiments of honeymoon planning

No matter how well of a honeymoon you plan, in the end, it all comes down to the finances. So, the very first step in your honeymoon planning should be to set up a budget. Merely setting up a budget won’t do any good either; it is crucial that you also stick to the budget as you progress through your honeymoon planning.

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