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Updated by Hung Lee on Jun 12, 2015
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Hung's Tools for HR: Engagement & Feedback

The only people who ever enjoyed appraisals were HR - lots of form filling, box checking, feeling of getting things done.

For everyone else it was a painful and pointless ritual that did little to improve performance.

These apps are attempts to reinvent performance management in the 24/7 always -on, social & collaborative era. Or something like that


Collect continuous feedback from your employees on a weekly basis. This provides the ongoing knowledge you need to identify areas which require urgent attention. Participants are rewarded with gamesmenship, prizes and charities.


Feedback and recognition on social goals will improve performance




More Feedback Continuous 360º feedback creates finally a reliable, continuous measure of people's talents and performance. More Recognition Compliments strengthen working relationships, improves results and engagement. The more, the better. More Impact Faster, continuous 360º degrees learning speeds-up productivity. All feedback scores feed into a user's reputation and help organizations identify proven talents and delivered performance.

Culture Amp

Murmur is an employee survey and analytics platform to keep leadership proactive about employee engagement and culture


We'€™ve helped some of the best and brightest corporations in the world drive business performance by measuring, managing and monitoring their unique culture. We'€™ll probably get along with you pretty well, too. More from our customers "Culture drove our business when I was at both Southwest and Yahoo!.


Appraisly is a cloud-based employee performance management service which improves the way performance appraisals are conducted. Our solution allows business owners to manage employee performance in a manner that aligns individual goals to those of the business, in real time and in the cloud.


Workbuzz is more than just a review site. Workbuzz adds depth to your online professional outreach and network. See if someone has already reviewed you, or pay it forward and review somebody who deserves kudos.


Recent technical innovations have changed the way we live and socialize. However our approaches to work are increasingly outdated. But not any longer. We use engagement, data science, and mobile technologies to make work better.

Salesforce Sales Performance Management - Sell, Service, and Market Better with Salesforce




Visier Workforce Analytics is an end-to-end, cloud-based application designed for HR professionals to answer critical workforce strategy questions.




CueZero is the adaptive pulse survey for forward-thinking companies. Make faster, more informed decisions about what matters, when it matters.




The easiest way to recognize and reward employees. Increase employee engagement and retention with Bonusly.


Track your accomplishments and view analytics that illustrate your unique skillsets. Show how you're different. Find people in your network and leverage their talents.

Spire - Home

Spire is an online community where people encourage each other to be active offline. It's the competition you find in your favorite games. It's the benefits of a loyalty program. It's the lasting connections of a social network, built around a dedication to changing lives. It's Spire, and it's a unique environment for motivation.

The Happiness Index | Real People, Real Time

"The Happiness Index has completely changed the way we manage our staff and client relationships resulting in our best ever financial results." Robin Greenwood, Managing Director, Storage King, Access real time data allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse and respond quickly where necessary before it's too late!

Employee Engagement Software | Officevibe

Measure and increase employee engagement using Officevibe's employee pulse surveys. Get live recommendations to improve your company.

Retroospect - How was your work week?

Retroospect is a work happiness meter - answer 5 simple questions every week to generate reports and analytics on your satisfaction with your job.