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Criterios para evaluar espacios en la red

Diferentes materiales donde encontramos criterios para hacer al evaluacion de espacios en la web
Eduteka - Matriz de Valoración sobre publicar en un Blog
Esta Matriz de Valoración (Rúbrica) tiene por objeto examinar el proceso de registrar y reportar eventos y procesos en un Blog. La Publicación en blogs se utiliza aquí como forma práctica de reflexionar sobre las actividades de clase y sobre el aprendizaje; diferenciándose así de realizar publicaciones personales con temas libres.
Cómo evaluar sitios web - Recursos

Una guía sobre los aspectos para considerar.

Empowering Student Learning with Web Publishing
This article appears on the following web site: Franklin Institute Science Museum. ||| Articles and Interviews||| As more and more students begin using the Internet with the classroom curriculum, many educators are challenged with teaching students how to critically evaluate the content that they are reading.
Ten C's For Evaluating Internet Sources
Guide The "Ten C's" provide criteria to consider in evaluating Internet resources. Sections of this document include: Is the author identifiable and reliable? Is the content credible? Authoritative? Should it be? What is the purpose of the information, that is, is it serious, satiric, humorous? Is the URL extension .edu, .com, .gov or .org?
Information Quality Checklist
Rapid growth of technology is outpacing our ability to create standards and guidelines.
Checklist for Evaluating Web Resources
Is the Web a good research tool? This question is dependent on the researcher's objective. As in traditional print resources one must use a method of critical analysis to determine its value. Here is a checklist for evaluating web resources to help in that determination. Authority: Is the information reliable?
ICYouSee: T is for Thinking
Now in its second decade on the Web and first called ICYouSee: T is for Thinking, this guide was created and is maintained by John R. Henderson, a reference librarian at the Ithaca College Library. First created: November 1994 Last updated on June 24, 2013
Tres preguntas para hacerse antes de elegir la tecnología en la educación

Jordan Saphiro Autor y periodista La tecnología en educación está de moda. Apenas pasa un día sin leer un artículo o tener una conversación en la que alguien argumente que "la educación es la única industria que no ha adoptado las tecnologías del siglo 21″.

10 Best Tools for Teachers and Students to Use in 2014

All teachers have a goal to establish clear, friendly, but authoritative communication with students and their parents. Parent meetings are not the most relaxed environment for the teachers to share their expectations and plans, which is why many educators have started using online tools to make this process easier.