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How to get around Sydney

Planning a Sydney tour anytime soon? While looking for the attractions to visit while you are there, do not also forget to plan the ways and means to get around the city without much hassle. Going from one place to another in Sydney is not an exhausting task, thanks to its well-organized transport network, but this network has to be utilized with knowledge. If you know how things are being done in Sydney, then it's all easy and simple for you. If you need guidance, refer to this article. 


Know your options 

This depends on where you are going to spend your holiday in Sydney. For example, if you plan to stay in a North Sydney hotel accommodation property such as Citadines Walker North Sydney, you are safe because all buses, trains and metros are located within easy access. Especially if you are on a family holiday, you can't go a long way in search of buses or taxis with small ones, so pay attention towards where you stay before anything. 


Getting around by trains 

Sydney's vast suburban train system links the city's centre with several suburbs. If you want to get around the Central Business District (CBD), the City Circle train loop can be recommended and you may also use the Opal Card to make your payments. 


Getting around by busses 

Sydney bus services as superb as they cover a wide range of routes, offering maximum convenience. No matter where you are in Sydney, you can rely on the Sydney buses. Trains will not cover certain areas and routes, but the buses surely cover them all. The special thing about the Sydney bus stops is that you can easily recognize them as they are well-marked. Even to pay the bus fares, you may use the Opal Cards. 


How about the ferry network?

Well, this offers you an iconic experience to enjoy. The ferry system in Sydney is a well-known mode of transportation that provides beautiful harbour views. The most popular ferry routes in Sydney include the route from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo and from Circular Quay to Manly. If you want to try out this experience, know the ferry time schedules beforehand. 


The Light Rail 

The Light Rail only operates in certain areas, but that surely makes life easier. If you want to get around the CBD, a light rail can be recommended, and this extends to the Inner Western parts of Sydney. For the Light Rail too, you may use the Opal Card without any issue. 


Taxis in Sydney 

No matter where you are staying in Sydney, taxis will be readily available for you. If you are in a busy area, you will surely come across at least one or two taxi stands. If you don't, you can simply rely on a ride-sharing app such as Uber. The fares are also affordable, and you don't have any reason to fear for your safety. 


Walk and Cycle 

Do you prefer some 'me-time' roaming around the city? Well, then... Sydney is the city for you. There are some great pedestrian-friendly areas in the city, especially around the harbour. If you like cycling, use the bike lanes in the city. There are many bike renting shops in the city from which you can get a good bike on rent. 


Rent a car 

This is a great option especially if you are on a long vacation in Sydney with little ones. Since shifting from one transportation mode to another during the same journey can be challenging, you may get a car on rent. This can be done with or without a driver. If you are okay with the roads and the rules, get a car without a driver and drive it yourself.