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Instachew - Pet Care Blogs and News

Explore the Instachew blog and discover your ultimate guide to pet care. Get expert advice on pet nutrition, health, behavior, and more.

What to Do When Your Dog Is Sick?

You may be able to recognize certain small changes in your dog's behaviour and personality since you are familiar with them, but “what to do for a sick dog”? We enlist some of the circumstances for you to be aware of and take steps where needed!! Visit Instachew for more.

Does Your Cat Need To Lose Weight?

Discover if your cat needs to lose weight and find simple solutions in our latest blog. Keep your furry friend fit and happy! Visit Instachew for more.

11 Things Your New Kitten Needs

Bringing home a kitten? Explore our blog on "11 Things Your New Kitten Needs" for valuable insights into feline care. Prepare for your new kitten's arrival with our insightful blog on the "11 Things Your New Kitten Needs." Whether it's nutritious food or cozy sleeping spots, we've outlined the must-haves for a happy kitty. Visit Instachew for more.

Purechew Max Smart Pet Feeder | INSTACHEW | BUY NOW

Simplify pet feeding with PURECHEW MAX Smart Pet Feeder: Fresh Food, Scheduled Meals, Anywhere Access! Purechew Max provides automatic feeding options so that your pet is fed according to your set schedules.

How Much to Feed a Kitten?

Discover the differences between wet and dry food, how often to feed, and how much to feed a kitten based on its age and weight. Visit Instachew.

Why Your Cat Plays in the Litter Box: Common Reasons

Find out why your cat might be turning their litter box into a play area. Learn common reasons and potential solutions in our blog. Visit Instachew for more.

Why Isn't My Cat Peeing in the Litter Box?

Are you wondering why your cat isn't peeing in the litter box? Learn how to address this issue and discover steps to promote litter box acceptance. Visit Instachew for more.

A Simple Guide to How to Dispose of Cat Litter

Find out how to dispose of cat litter responsibly and efficiently. Our guide offers practical solutions for every cat owner. In this article, we discuss the various aspects of kitty litter and ways to identify and sustainably dispose of it. Visit Instachew for more.

A Guide to Cat Litter Types: Choosing What's Best for Your Cat

Explore cat litter types effortlessly! Our guide helps you understand different options and pick the perfect one for your furry friend. Selecting the best cat litter might be difficult because there are so many different kinds available. How can you choose which cat litter is best for your pet cat? Visit Instachew for more.

Common Cat Diseases & Health Problems

Learn about common cat diseases and health problems in our blog. Find out how to keep your furry friend happy and healthy. Visit Instachew for more.

How to Boost Your Cat’s Immune System?

Boost your cat's immune system for a healthy life! Essential tips for pet owners to ensure their cat's well-being. Our cats have fewer health-improvement alternatives than we do. We must feed pets to boost their immune systems and keep them healthy throughout their lives. Fortunately, boosting the immune system in cats is not a difficult task. Visit Instachew for more.

How Do You Use CBD Oil for Cats?

Explore CBD oil benefits for your cat in our simple guide to usage and dosage, ensuring their well-being and vitality. Visit Instachew for more.

How Do You Pet a Cat Correctly?

In our latest blog post, learn the correct techniques for petting your cat to ensure a happy and contented feline companion. Discover the optimal method for caring for a cat to ensure that you thoroughly scratch all the appropriate areas. Visit Instachew for more.

How Do You Get Rid of Cat Fleas?

Can't you get rid of fleas from your cat? Learn simple ways to prevent a flea infestation.

Flea infestations can affect not just you but also your cat and anybody else who uses your furniture. A good cat flea treatment is the first of many achievable measures you can take to safeguard your house and pet against these annoying insects. Visit Instachew for more.

Understanding Cat Body Language

Confused by your cat's behavior? This guide explains what their body language means - meows, purrs, tail wags, and more! Improve your understanding of your cat. Like humans, cats experience a variety of fundamental emotions, including joy, sadness, fear, relief, and frustration. Recognizing these feelings and responding appropriately is essential to having a healthy connection with your cat. Visit Instachew for more.

11 Ways to Tell If Your Cat Is Happy

Is your cat happy? Learn how to read the subtle cues and behaviors that reveal your cat's joy and satisfaction.

You may better care for your four-legged pet and strengthen your special link with them if you have more knowledge about them. Continue reading for indications that your cat is happy.

Visit Instachew for more.

Understanding Cat Dental Health

Caring for your cat's teeth is essential for their overall well-being and joy. This article offers tips for maintaining their oral health. Visit Instachew for more.

Why Won't My Cat Use the Litter Box?

Is your cat not using the litter box anymore? Cats cease using their litter boxes for a variety of reasons, such as problems with the litter or box itself, discontent with the arrangement or quantity of boxes, adjustments to the interior or exterior of the home, and untreated medical illnesses. Visit Instachew for more.

Household Items That Can Harm Your Cat

Learn more about keeping your cat safe and happy! Read our blog on Household Items That Can Harm Your Cat. While some commonplace objects could just somewhat disturb your stomach, others might be deadly. Keeping toxins that are harmful to cats out of your house or, at the very least, out of their reach is your greatest line of defence. Visit Instachew for more.