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Most Instagrammable Places in Tokyo – Where beauty and fine detail abound!

Tokyo, the vibrant capital of Japan, unfolds as a tapestry of diverse regions, sections, corners, and alleys, each presenting ideal settings to capture that picture-perfect moment destined for Instagram glory.


Senso-ji Temple

Built in the year 628, Senso-ji Temple is the oldest Buddhist temple that you will find in Tokyo and an Insta-worthy getaway that you should be allocating plenty of time for. The shrine’s main gate which is called the Kaminarimon Gate will hand you your first chance to zoom in on all things bright and wonderful for there will be a giant lantern that will be hard to ignore. Once at the Temple, you can wander across the grounds and pause when scenes of smaller temples and pagodas fall into view.


Tokyo Skytree

Found a short distance away from Senso-ji Temple and a further 14.5 km from Oakwood Premier Tokyo Midtown which is a provider of Tokyo furnished apartments long-term opportunities, Tokyo Skytree is where you can get a bird’s eye view of the brilliance of the city. While on a clear day, vistas of Mount Fuji can be captured on your camera, patrons calling by Tokyo Skytree will have unobstructed access to the country’s highest observation deck and the tallest freestanding broadcasting tower in the world from where you are bound to be confronted with many an angle and backdrop to work with. In terms of advice, it is best that you arrive here no sooner the facility opens (8 am) to beat the crowds.



For pulsating vibes and a sense of energy and enthusiasm that commence no sooner the traffic lights go from red to green, Tokyo’s Shibuya Crossing will surely rank as a top priority when it comes to finding Instagrammable locations. As the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world, Shibuya Crossing will have you moving with swarms of like-minded pedestrians that will feel chaotic and calm at the same time. While you may have to make a few trips back and across to get that perfect shot, the experience will be well worth it and if you encounter trouble focusing your camera, then have a friendly local assist you.


Nonbei Yokocho

Hidden from the bustle of Shibuya Crossing is Nonbei Yokocho or Drunkards Alley which is a testament to how life in the old town was. Replete with dimly-lit alleyways and narrow lantern-lit streets, Nonbei Yokocho is an ideal haven for those travellers who yearn to explore at their own pace and time. What’s more? You can choose to head toward any of the bars or restaurants that line Nonbei Yokocho which only possess the capacity to accommodate not more than 4 guests at a time.



In the event you want to be seen on bustling streets and posing against tall buildings and bright neon lights, then nothing should come between you and your camera en route to discovering the ins and outs of Shinjuku. Filled with numerous places to photograph, eat and drink, Shinjuku can be easily identified by its vibrant scenes and allures that have locals and tourists communing in their numbers. Added to this, the 144-acre Shinjuku Gyoen National Park would warrant a visit, especially during spring when pictures of cherry blossoms can be captured in all its glory. The well-manicured gardens that comprise the National Park are spectacular and easy on the eye which in turn, would make for happy Instagramming in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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