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Fun And Exciting Things to do in Bandung - Explore Indonesia 

It may not be on the typical tourist trail, but Bandung is a favourite place for many travellers to Indonesia. Located a few hours’ drive away from Jakarta, Bandung is a highland city. There is a lively edge to the city’s beautiful background.


Eat up a storm in Bandung

Bandung is a university city, and there is no shortage of students looking to socialize and have a good time. Hence, a café culture has emerged. And, the best hotels in Bandung serve inspired cuisine from authentic local food to international fare. Take your time to discover their savoury fried or steamed fish cakes served with a spicy peanut sauce at restaurants and even hotels like the FOX Harris Hotel City Center Bandung. Try artisan coffee and snacks as you people-watch. Don’t forget to sample street food.


Try off-road cycling at the Lodge Maribaya

The Lodge Maribaya, an outdoor park is an adventure land. They have a zipline for bikes and hot air balloon rides. The zipline stretches over two posts over the forest. The theme park is a playground for kids and adults of all ages.


Go to the floating market in Lembang

Lembang Floating Market is in the countryside. You can either get a taxi or rent a moped to get there. The market can rival the best of the same you find in Thailand. Go for a boat ride to the lull of the waters or take a boardwalk stroll. Tuck into as many local food and beverages as you can.  They give you a free drink with your entrance ticket which costs less than 2 USD.


Admire the Bandung flower garden

The flower garden is located right next to the floating market. You’ll need to buy a separate ticket though. It costs about 1 USD or less. Wander amongst the many-hued blooms and take plenty of pictures. The garden is rather romantic, and a great place to propose if you’re in the mind to do so.


Go for a walk along the tea fields

The cool climate in Bandung is perfect for growing tea. And, that is exactly what they have been doing for years. You don’t even need to worry about an entrance fee. The tea fields in the countryside are enchanting. Follow the tea trails so that you don’t damage the crop.


Explore Tebing Gunung Hawu

Located west of Bandung, Tebing Gunung Hawu is a limestone hill. You’ll find limestone peaks amongst the gaping chasms. They’ve even set up slack lines and hammocks for visitors. The view is stunning and worth going that extra mile for outdoor lovers.


Enjoy Taman Wisata Maribaya

This pretty park set in the outskirts of Bandung is scattered with forests, waterfalls, open green spaces and bridges. You can take a long trek through the park to enjoy its allure.


Discover Visit Kawah Putih

This white-tinged turquoise volcanic lake is located just outside the city. It can get busy during the weekend. Try to go there on a weekday and find a private spot to explore the lake.