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Updated by Shree Mahavir Jain Hospital on Jan 30, 2024
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Shree Mahavir Jain Hospital

Shree Mahavir Jain Hospital Thane thrives to make quality healthcare affordable and accessible to everybody at nominal cost. SMJH has thus turned out to be a best hospital in Thane for affordable healthcare services.

5 Things to Know About COVID-19 JN.1: Panic or Precaution?

Discover & understand 5 key things about the new COVID-19 JN.1 variant. Panic or Precaution? It's symptoms, risks & effective protective measures.

SMJH: Best Multispeciality Hospital in Thane

Have you ever been confused when considering the best multispeciality hospital in Thane? It’s like attempting to find your way through a big maze, isn’t it? You’re not alone, though! There are many hospitals in Thane, all trying to be the best. However, how can you determine which is actually best for you and your family?

Ease Your Pain: Migraine Treatment and Relief

In this comprehensive blog, we’ll explore various migraine treatments and relief options, shedding light on innovative solutions like atogepant, ubrogepant, vyepti, and reyvow and how they can help manage your migraine headaches.

Cardiology hospital near me: Leading heart care at SMJH

Have you ever found yourself urgently searching for the perfect cardiology hospital near me when faced with a heart-related concern? The search for the right healthcare provider, especially when it comes to matters of the heart, is a paramount one.

10 Benefits of Drinking Warm Water for Optimal Health

Do you realise that even drinking warm water could also amount to one of the greatest healthy lifestyle secrets? This is why warm water has been a healing medium for several centuries. It helps in detoxification naturally, and it improves digestive functions as well as relief of pain.

Dengue Fever: Understanding Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Have you ever wondered why and how a tiny insect can cause so many different diseases with just a single bite?

Air Pollution: The Health Threats in Every Breath

Do you ever stop to think about the air you breathe? It’s easy to take the very essence of life for granted, but the quality of the air around us can have a profound impact on our health and well-being.

How to Gain Weight Naturally: Healthier You with SMJH

Have you ever observed how your clothes appear so baggy and loose that they feel like balloons, where you seem to be just floating in them? Well, you’re not alone. Although people discuss how to lose weight, there are others who are desperately trying to gain some. Picture this: you are overeating hoping to see the scale go up but stays stubbornly flat. You over-eat till you feel very full but your aim of gaining some weight fails to materialize.

5 Best Hospitals in Thane: Your Trusted Healthcare Choices

In this blog, we will explore the top five best hospitals in Thane and illuminate the quality of services, infrastructure, and expertise each facility offers. Join us as we explore the Best Hospitals in Thane and help you make informed decisions about your healthcare.

10 Benefits of Physiotherapy: How It Helps You

Have you ever wondered how physiotherapy can improve your health and well-being? Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that prevents, diagnoses, and treats various physical disorders and injuries. It can help you recover from pain, improve mobility, and enhance your quality of life. In this blog, we will explore ten benefits of physiotherapy and how it can help you.