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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
Headline for Top 7 Places to Go in China for Family Tours with Kids in 2024- For Classically Cutting-Edge Diversions 
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Top 7 Places to Go in China for Family Tours with Kids in 2024- For Classically Cutting-Edge Diversions 

From jewel-toned cities out of an urban fantasy and heritage enclaves brimming with inspiration to out-of-the-box theme parks, dramatic nature escapes, and heart-warming wildlife encounters, China is the ideal destination for holistic family fun. Here are some unmissable vacation hotspots.


The Great Wall, Beijing

A dynamic dreamscape full of dynastic gems and cutting-edge indulgences, Beijing will serenade your senses with its contrasting allurements of picturesque hutongs with their vibrant quadrangle courtyard houses and Insta-worthy boutiques, breathtaking imperial palaces and gardens, retro-chic art districts, and new-age edifices piercing its majestic skyline. However, if you’re short on time, make sure to head to the Great Wall and drink in its legendary sights, whether it is exhilarating cable car rides and tobogganing at Mutianyu or a knee-weakening hike at dusk past theatrical scenes lit by the softly enchanting glow of lanterns. 


Haichang Ocean Park, Shanghai 

The opulently oriental ‘Paris of the East’ is full of kaleidoscopic charms, from industry-chic enclaves like Tianzi Fang, perfect for designer shopping and café hopping, and the intriguing old-world mazes of Shanghai Old Town to hi-tech tunnel rides for a surreal adrenaline rush and stomach-dropping ‘sky walking’ atop the Oriental Pearl Tower. If you’re in the mood for some splash-worthy oceanic experiences with a futuristic flair, don’t forget to check out Shanghai’s Haichang Ocean Park. 


Chimelong Paradise, Guangzhou 

Dubbed the ‘City of Dreams’, exquisitely eccentric Guangzhou leaves nothing for the imagination to supply, with its whimsically transporting Huacheng Square, gorgeously cinematic White Cloud Mountain, and its man-made waterfall ingeniously composed of porcelain washroom accessories! However, youthful spirits of all ages will find an exhilarating haven in Chimelong’s mind-boggling thematic realms, featuring everything from goosebump-raising safaris to jungle-clad water slides!


Pandas Galore at Chengdu 

With breathtaking palaces carved into ancient mountains, a delightful assortment of natural parks, soothingly quaint teahouses, and irresistible shopping streets, Chengdu effortlessly caters to your every whim and fancy! If you want to experience a warm tingling in your heart that will last for days after, go and visit its adorable panda population, peacefully going about their day in one of the many local reserves. 


Shengxin Water World, Jilin  

From the stately imperial landmarks and lush parkland of Changchun and its mesmerising necklace of pristine lakes, from the frosty sapphire splendour of Songhua Lake to lotus-covered Cha’gan Lake with its antique surrounds, China’s Jilin Province is idyllic for off-the-beaten-path adventures, which will thrill your whole tribe! If you’re enamoured by hot springs, fairytale forest scenes, old-world Huizhou manors, and delicious unwinding with artistic tree-house vibes, you can’t miss a visit to Shengxin Water World! For sophisticated Changchun accommodation proffering prime access to diverse regional enticements, venture no further than those offered by Discover ASR. 


 Foodie Escapades, X'ian

While Xi'an is known for its jewel-toned antique escapes, vintage artisan souvenirs, and the spellbinding atmosphere of a living museum, no one can deny that its addictively piquant cuisine is a gigantic pull factor! From binging on renowned local street food delicacies like gravied dumplings and golden persimmon cakes to feasting on stomach-warming lamb soup soaked up with soft pita bread, your tastebuds will enjoy the treat of a lifetime. 


The Peak Tram, Hong Kong

From quaint parks riddled with beguiling artefacts and groovy rustic alleyways like Cat Street to lusciously artistic eateries, Instagrammable urban villages, and East-meets-West fusion cuisine, there is much to savour in scintillating Hong Kong! However, the vintage funicular ride at Victoria’s Peak not only affords a spectacular vantage of the stunning city, but the Peak Tower is also an architectural masterpiece in its own right.