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The Best Dive Sites in South Male Atoll, Maldives

Underwater Treasures & Marine Marvels Await!
If you are looking for a diving destination with stunning coral reefs, diverse marine life, thrilling drift dives, and easy access from the capital, Male, then look no further than the South Male Atoll. This atoll is home to some of the country’s best dive sites including those mentioned below.


Guraidhoo Kandu

Also known as Guraidhoo Corner, this is one of the most famous dive sites in the Maldives, with two channels and a central reef. It is known for strong currents that attract a lot of pelagic fish as well. Experienced divers can expect to see whitetip sharks, grey reef sharks, barracudas, Napoleon wrasses, snappers, and eagle rays on their adventures here. Of course, you will also come across various overhangs, pinnacles, soft corals, and intriguing caves that add to the wonder of this site.


Kandooma Thila

A deep pinnacle below the waves is what you can expect at Kandooma Thila reaching a depth of around 35 to 40 metres deep. For the best sightings of marine life, divers should head to the channel found between the reef and thila which features a strong current that brings with it diverse denizens of the deep. When here, you have a good chance of sighting grey reef sharks, snappers, sweetlips and fusiliers along with giant trevally and eagle rays amidst the current, making this a thrilling underwater experience.


Embudu Kandu

More diving escapades in the South Male Atoll beckon at Embudu Kandu one of the most famous dive sites in the country. Amongst the highlights here are the thriving corals and diverse array of marine life that provide plenty for divers to see and photograph for some spectacular underwater shots. Of course, another factor that makes Embudu Kandu so well-known is the presence of grey and white tip reef sharks that can be seen in their natural habitat. Resorts in this atoll including SAii Lagoon Maldives offer guests access to a PADI 5-star dive centre where one can get the needed training and certification as well as excursions to such key dive sites.


Kuda Giri Wreck

One of the reasons that diving is one of the most thrilling things to do in Maldives is the prospect of exploring intriguing wrecks. This includes the small wreck known as Kuda Giri which can be found around 20 to 30 metres beneath the ocean’s surface in the South Male Atoll. There happens to be overhangs and caves nearby which one can explore to spot marine species like groupers. At the wreck itself, which can be explored even by beginners, one has a good chance to see bluefin trevally, yellow sweepers and batfish amongst other marine life.


Cocoa Corner

Another great dive site which can be found in the atoll’s outer areas is Cocoa Corner which is known for its abundant coral and marine life. Divers can look forward to seeing everything from sea fans, sponges, and hard coral to fusiliers, spotted eagle rays, white tip and grey reef sharks, sweetlips, and turtles. While there is much to see here, keep in mind that sighting of fish is also dependent if there is a stronger flow at Cocoa Corner which brings with it more marine species.

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