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Headline for 5 Omani Dishes That You Must Try - Tantalising tastes of the exotic Sultanate, a mouth-watering treat for the longing
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5 Omani Dishes That You Must Try - Tantalising tastes of the exotic Sultanate, a mouth-watering treat for the longing

While adobe fortresses, terraced orchards and ornate mosques characterise the quintessential Oman experience, delectable Omani cuisine is also something that visitors to the Sultanate have to look forward to. Indulge in the tantalising tastes of Arabia for a mouth-watering treat on your getaway.


Majboos - Chicken mixed Arab rice dish

Yemen, nestled away in the southern end of the Arabain Peninsula, basks in the glory of being the roots of this generous chicken mixed rice dish, considered a national dish in all the countries across the Arabian Peninsula, including the subject Sultanate of Oman. For those who have had a taste of Indian cuisine, Majboos may be immediately reminiscent of the world-renowned biryani, for it is heavily influenced by Indian cuisine (also Persian cuisine). In delectable Omani cuisine, where there’s absolutely no shortage of rice dishes, what sets Majboos apart is its extraordinary culinary technique, which reuses the water that was used for cooking meat to cook the yellow-hued long-grain rice, making for a perfect blend of flavours and spices. While chicken is the undisputed choice of meat for the Arab mixed rice dish, lamb, camel meat, fish, shrimp, truffles, and duck meat are also considered occasional substitutes.


Madrouba - Spicy and comforting Omani porridge

Rice or wheat? It is the mind-boggling question that comes into play when cooking a pot of aromatic Madrouba. While wheat is the most common choice, no matter what you choose for your primary ingredient, you are treated to a bowl of spicy and comforting Omani porridge. The rice or wheat is overcooked and mixed with chicken and subjected to the flavouring of turmeric, cumin, cardamom, ginger, cloves, cinnamon, garlic, and black pepper, which gives you scrumptious Madrouba.


Shuwa - Slow-cooked, spiced lamb

One of the many of Oman’s national dishes, the nation’s most favoured slow-cooked, spiced lamb dish, Shuwa, is a totally unmissable experience to be had on your getaway to the Sultanate. No matter where you choose to holiday in the delightful country, you are sure to find the local delicacy being served at all Oman restaurants, even at luxury fine dining options offered by properties such as Al Baleed Resort Salalah.


Omani Halwa - Gelatinous and sticky traditional sweet

A traditional Omani dessert to top off your traditional Omani meal, Omani Halwa is a traditional dessert enjoyed throughout the Arab nation. The gelatinous and sticky dish is also relished as a sweet that is commonly served at weddings, birthdays, and other festivities. It is especially a common sight during the holy season of Ramadan. The recipe of Omani Halwa is quite versatile, but water, sugar, ghee butter, and cornflour are always indispensable essentials.


Harees - Boiled, cracked, or coarsely ground cracked wheat

Start your day in beautiful Oman with a traditional Omani dessert. Harees, enjoyed both as a porridge and gruel, is a popular breakfast choice among locals and tourists alike in the Arab country. In its basic form, it is a dish of boiled, cracked, or coarsely ground cracked wheat mixed with meat and butter.