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Our Planet Earth

Planet Earth is an animal lover, an enthusiastic plant parent, and a passionate conservationist. He enjoys being in nature and writing about it, and he believes strongly in the cause of sustainability.

16 Amazing Webbed Feet Birds - Curb Earth

Webbed feet are meant for those birds that like to swim on the water's surface or even underwater. The adaptation is only evolved in several bird species and helps them to propel or even other creatures through the water. Here is the list of 10 types of webbed feet birds,

A Tree-Dwelling Shrimp Has Been Discovered In The Cyclops Mountains - Curb Earth

An entirely new genus of shrimp was discovered during an expedition to the Cyclops Mountains in Papua, Indonesia. It was a surprise find for scientists on the perilous 2023 expedition and introduces a whole new habitat for these typically water-dwelling crustaceans.

10 Types Of Geckos In Florida - Curb Earth

The gecko is a type of lizard from the family Gekkonidae. As of now, 1000 species of geckos are known to humans and seen all over the world, except in Antarctica. Certain gecko species are endangered because of habitat loss and the introduction of new predatory species into their environment. Here is the list of 10 types of Geckos in Florida,

10 Strongest Sea Animals In The World - Curb Earth

Oceans carry some of the fearsome animals and some of the greatest mysteries on the planet. Marine animals come from different groups such as mammals, reptiles and fishes. Here is the list of 10 strongest sea animals in the world,

16 Animals With Big Lips - Curb Earth

Animals do have big lips and one reason is to protect their mouths. The primary function of lips is to keep the dirt and other things out of the mouth and that will directly help the animal species to keep healthy. Here is the list of 10 animals with big lips.

10 Animals That Crawl - Curb Earth

Animals that crawl belong to the class of Reptilia and these species creep or crawl on the ground. The animals listed in this group have air-breathing vertebrates that have epidermal scales covering the different parts of their bodies. Here is the list,

10 Ugly Baby Animals - Curb Earth

Nature has its side and different animals are born with appearances which is not upto the level of cuteness. There are many unique stories that these ugly baby animals carry among themselves, here is the list,

25 Oldest Buildings in the World - Curb Earth

Various historical and ancient buildings were constructed in our past. Each has its own story and own significance. Though there are many ancient buildings present on earth that are still intact the oldest ones are mentioned below. Here is the list of the top 10 oldest buildings in the world,

We finally know how tardigrades mate - Curb Earth

Researchers have discovered the first evidence that male tardigrades can find females by scent. For the first time, scientists have figured out how tardigrades — some of the toughest creatures on the planet — mate.

16 Black Birds With Blue Heads - Curb Earth

Birds that are black and blue are commonly visible in nature, however, black birds with blue heads need to be differentiated. The colors that appear among the bird species can vary significantly from one species to another. Let me list down some of them.

10 Animals That Jump - Curb Earth

Animals have high jumping abilities similar to human athletes. Whenever anyone jumps the entire body is temporarily in the air for a particular duration and it stays at the high angle of the initial launch. Many animal species use this technique to escape predators or catch prey, Here is the list of animals that jump,

14,000 Feral Horses To Be Culled In Australia As Aerial Shooting Method Reinstated - Curb Earth

Invasive species are a problem in pretty much every habitat across Earth. Some have been accidentally introduced while others were the result of deliberate actions with unforeseen outcomes. Where problems arise, often with the destruction of habitats for the native species, there becomes the need to find a solution to curb the impacts these species are having. For the feral horses in Australia, this has come down to a cull.

10 Animals With 3 Letters - Curb Earth

There are many animals with 3 Letters and these include birds, insects, and worms too. There are a few animals such as dogs that immediately come to mind, however, the list is long, Let's discuss,

20 Most Beautiful Lost Cities - Curb Earth

Uncountable empires were built in different cities at different times out of which some are lost and forgotten and some are left. Some places were rediscovered accidentally while some were discovered through deep research. Some of the most beautiful lost cities found all around the world are,

16 Small Grey Birds With White Bellies - Curb Earth

Birds are everywhere on planet Earth and humans are not aware but they are encountered numerous varieties of birds every day. The list will cover some of the small grey birds with white bellies in the world,

10 Types Of Skinny Animals In The World - Curb Earth

The animal kingdom is widely distributed across the world and comes in different shapes and sizes. There are many skinny animals in the wild that belong to different families and genera. Here is the list,

10 Biggest Snakes In The World By Length - Curb Earth

Snakes have captured human fascination for centuries with their mysterious and awe-inspiring presence. Among the various species that slither across the globe, some stand out for their impressive size. In this article, we delve into the realm of reptilian giants and present a captivating overview of the top 10 biggest snakes in the world,

Early Humans Hunted And Ate Beavers 400,000 Years Ago - Curb Earth

Although pork and beef are some of the most popular meats for modern humans, it’s easy to wonder if the same could be said when we couldn’t just pop to the supermarket to pick them up. Researchers previously thought that humans in the Middle Pleistocene stuck to hunting and eating large mammals – but a recent study has revealed a far smaller, somewhat unexpected item on the menu: beavers.

16 Amazing Birds Of New England - Curb Earth

There are more than 400 species of birds that breed and migrate during the winter season in New England. Here is the list of some of the birds of new england,

10 Big Eared Animals - Curb Earth

Nature is extremely diverse and all animal species known for its unique characteristic that makes them different. There are different animals with long ears and these creatures looks adorable, here is the list of big eared animals in animals in the world.

Honey-Hunting Birds And Humans Work Together And Know Each Other’s Calls - Curb Earth

While working on group projects might be the bane of every college student’s life, new research has shown that sometimes, groups can work together successfully. Greater honeyguides (Indicator indicator), a small species of African bird, are known to guide both honey badgers and humans to beehives. By studying these human-bird interactions, researchers have shown that the birds respond more readily to calls from their local honey-hunting humans than they do to the calls of honey-hunters from other regions. 

19 Most Famous Prehistoric Cave Paintings - Curb Earth

History can be known from various sources. Ancient monuments, buildings, architecture, art everything is helping humans to learn more and more about the past. Some of the prehistoric cave paintings are mentioned below. 

10 Animals That Slither - Curb Earth

The meaning of slither is to slide and there are various and there are various animals in the nature that slither on ground. Here is the list of animals that slither,

16 Most Beautiful White Birds In The World - Curb Earth

Many people are able to identify a bird when they see one with the help of feathers, wings, and a bill. Birds are warm-blooded and lay hard-shelled eggs mostly in nests. Birds are also known for different color combinations, Here is the list of 10 most beautiful white birds in the world,

26 Highest Waterfalls in the World By Height - Curb Earth

Each and every person would love to visit a place full of peace, beauty, love, and happiness. Waterfalls add different colors to life. Just viewing them from top to bottom refreshes one’s mind and thoughts start emerging about how high is waterfall would be. These are the highest waterfalls in the world by height,