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Updated by Joanna James on Nov 30, 2023
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6 Most popular foods in Qatar you should try - Savour the delicacies of Qatar

Qatar's culinary scene is a tantalising fusion of flavours. Exploring Qatari cuisine is a delightful journey that you must pursue! In this article, we'll introduce you to six of the most popular foods in Qatar that you simply can't miss.



Saloona, a popular Qatari dish, is a traditional Arabic stew that is frequently cooked for family gatherings. The appeal of saloona is its versatility; it may be made with a variety of ingredients, although the most common are beef, lamb, or fish with seasonal vegetables. Garlic and ginger provide rich flavours to the stew. The dish is generally served with substantial amounts of bread, which are ideal for soaking up the savoury soup. To have the greatest saloona, visit any classic Doha restaurant that serves authentic Qatari food. Don't miss the chance to savor this hearty, comforting meal during your visit.


Warak Enab

While stuffed vine leaves are a classic Middle Eastern delicacy, Qatar adds its own unique spin to this well-known meal. In Qatar, Warak Enab is often filled with ground beef or lamb and rice and flavoured with garlic, pepper, and coriander. This meal has a distinct flavour that entices the palate. Served with fresh lime wedges, warak enab is a must-try culinary delight, perfect for those seeking a taste of Qatari culinary innovation.



Majboos, Qatar's national dish, is a must-try when visiting Doha. This slow-cooked delicacy is typically made with tender lamb or chicken, enabling the flavours to mingle and intensify. It's served with seasoned rice, a fresh salad, and homemade tomato sauce. Majboos may be found in a variety of Qatari restaurants in Doha, making it widely accessible to those looking to sample local flavours. Don't forget to experience this quintessential Qatari dish during your gastronomic journey.



Madrouba is a creamy rice porridge that goes well with almost any meal. It's made by simmering milk, butter, cardamom, and chicken (on occasion beans) for hours until it achieves the correct consistency. Each restaurant has its unique spin on this delightful delicacy, with toppings ranging from cardamom-infused clarified butter to fried onions. Madrouba's flexibility and comforting taste make it a favourite in Qatari cuisine.


Kousa Mahshi

Kousa mahshi offers a delicious twist on stuffed zucchinis. These zucchinis are generally filled with ground lamb, veggies, and fragrant parsley and mint in Qatar. Many eateries offer vegetarian versions with chickpea filling. Dip these delightful zucchinis in tomato paste or yoghurt to enjoy the full spectrum of flavours with each bite.



No Qatari meal is complete without luqaimat, a popular dessert that epitomises sweet indulgence. The aromatic flavours of cardamom and saffron infuse these delicious fried dumplings. They resemble a delicious donut when topped with sugar syrup. The ideal luqaimat has a crisp surface that leads to a soft, delightful interior. Luqaimat is served in restaurants and hotels around Qatar, including the beautiful Banana Island Resort Doha, making it the ideal sweet finish to your Qatari gastronomic tour.

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