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Real Qatari Dishes that Locals Love-An Oasis of Lush Tastes 

With the nation being a delicately down-to-earth yet elaborately cutting-edge desert oasis, it’s no surprise that Qatar’s foodie culture is full of tantalising contrasts and adventurous odes to tradition. Here are some tried-and-true Qatari delicacies that need no embellishment whatsoever! 



Whether you’re most excited to roam the vibrantly beautiful cultural villages, experience Bedouin-style hospitality amid dreamy dunescapes, rummage through ornate collectables at jewel-toned souqs, or prowl around masterpiece museum galleries, you won’t be able to resist the lusciously addictive aromas, flavours, and textures of Qatar’s national dish. Comprising low-cooked, melt-in-the-mouth lamb or chicken, lip-smacking sauce, and fresh vegetables served on a fragrant bed of spiced rice, you can find this iconic dish anywhere you wander!



From homey yet mouthwatering Madrouba with its creamed chicken velvetiness laced with cardamom, ghee, and fried onions to addictive lamb, rice, and vegetable-stuffed courgettes seasoned with fresh herbs and dipped in yoghurt paste and piquant harees porridge flavoured with the festive finesse of coriander, cumin, and cinnamon, Qatar has no shortage of cosy comfort food to sustain you during exhilarating days of whirlwind diversions. However, for a hearty and robust meal that will warm you to your toes, saloona, with its succulent slivers of beef, lamb, or fish, vegetables, and thick, spice-infused broth, will have you scooping up piping hot, savoury mouthfuls. 



If your sweet tooth takes over first thing in the morning and breakfast isn’t satisfying without an inkling of sugar, the perfect brunch delicacy awaits you in Doha! Decadently syrupy, rose-flavoured, and saffron-scented balaleet, with its uniquely addictive medley of sweetened vermicelli soaked in fragrant spices like cardamom and topped with a savoury omelette, caramelised onions, and sometimes even potatoes, will elevate your tastebuds to a whole other level! If you’re looking for sophisticated Doha apartments offering exclusive access to its foremost epicurean enclaves, venture no further than the likes of Somerset West Bay Doha



If you’re looking for an addictive street food snack to obsessively munch on as you hop between the diversely thrilling Doha districts, both vivaciously modern and charmingly tradition-brushed, irresistibly crunchy and succulently meat-filled samboosa tops the list!



If you’re a fan of golden-fried doughnuts and silky-soft dumplings, then luqaimat will exceed your most daring gastronomic fantasies! Richly dusted with cardamom and saffron and generously slathered with sweet date syrup, it’s impossible to stop at just one with these deep-fried golden balls - perfect as a teatime treat!



Suppose you’re looking for a light, wholesome, yet delectable snack to power you through a day of adventuring. In that case, these crunchy little chickpea and fava bean cutlets are the perfect protein-rich pick-me-up, enhanced with the subtly delicious flavours of tahini, parsley, garlic, and coriander. 



There is no guilty pleasure as enticing as the queen of all Qatari desserts, Knafeh; an elaborate vintage concoction of flaky layers of pastry soaked in sweet syrup and melted cheese, topped with luxuriant variations, such as cream, ground pistachios, and vermicelli. 

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