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Headline for Top Things to Do in Kalpitiya - Bliss in the untouched beachside on the teardrop island
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Top Things to Do in Kalpitiya - Bliss in the untouched beachside on the teardrop island

For an island country that is ringed by nothing but sugary white sands and turquoise blue waters, Sri Lanka sure does have no shortage of picture-postcard beaches. In the land of myriad beaches, Kalpitiya remains an untouched beach town, with its authentic charm still intact, pristine and unmarred.


Beach bumming at Kalpitiya Beach - A slice of sun, sand and picturesque sea

Among all the things fantastic that put Kalpitiya on the map, the central Kalpitiya Beach is the obvious highlight and what almost every traveller to the city looks forward to. Let your inner beach bum loose and immerse yourself in the idyllic seaside ambience. Frolic on the pristine sands, unwind under swaying palms, sip on tropical cocktails and bask in the soothing sun until the tranquil sunset bids you farewell for a day well spent.


Go snorkelling or scuba diving - Uncover the treasures of the world underwater

The stunning shores of Kalpitiya are home to a whole host of exhilarating water sports, but the enduring appeal of snorkelling and scuba diving put the two sports right at the top of the list for most travellers. The crystal clear waters, year-round sunshine, striking coral reefs and schools of tropical fishes — all join forces to make the laid-back beach town one of the best destinations in the island nation for snorkelling and scuba diving. Snorkel up and hit the alluring waters to uncover the treasures of the world underwater, awaiting your discovery.


Savour authentic local cuisine - A mouth-watering treat for the longing taste buds

Your vacation in Sri Lanka wouldn’t be complete without getting a taste of authentic local cuisine, no matter where you holiday in the country, and Kalpitiya is certainly no exception. Embark on an exploration of local cuisine at one of the finest hotels or resorts the likes of Dolphin Beach Resort, and let the longing taste buds revel in a mouth-watering treat — an experience sure to unleash the true foodie in you.


Go on a sunset whale-watching tour - Get up close and personal with the majestic creatures of the sea

As the sun goes down and the darkness descends upon the charming beach town, hop aboard a boat and set sail into the wide-open seas on an exciting whale-watching tour. As past travellers to the island country may know, Kalpitiya is one of the fabled destinations for whale watching in Sri Lanka and makes for an undoubtedly unmissable experience to be had in the seaside city.


Safari at Wilpattu National Park - Exciting adventures in the midst of fascinating island fauna

No matter where you are in the island country of Sri Lanka, you are never too far away from an incredible wildlife experience. For those vacationing in the city of Kalpitiya, Wilpattu National Park is the closest of the 26 national parks that call Sri Lanka home. Set out on a 2-hour drive from the beach town to the sprawling nature reserve to get up close and personal with fascinating island fauna.

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