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Updated by Jesus Reynolds on Jan 12, 2015
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Best Portable Vaporizers for Weed

Here's a listing of the best portable vaporizers to use with legal herbal smokeables.

Best portable vaporizer?? In Feb. 2013

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The Best Portable Vaporizers Going Into 2013. VapeLife's Top 3 Vapes Of 2012!!

My Top 3 Vaporizers going into 2013. Best of 2012! Pick up a Pax at Vape World: OR eBay: Great priced VaporCone Elites on eBay: & Magic Flight Launch Box at The VapeLife Store: & MFLB at on eBay: Hope I helped!! ~

Marijuana Vaporizers

Sectional Navigation Marijuana Vaporizers Recreational marijuana and medical marijuana is now legal all over the world. Marijuana vaporizers are a leading consumer choice for ingesting dried cannabis. The medical properties of marijuana are found in the top portion of the trichromes or THC glands.

Handheld Vaporizers: The Next Generation

I was recently handed a cutting-edge piece of handheld whip system technology. Feeling a bit like Worf from Star Trek, I inquired more about this space-age vaporizing majesty. The response was, "you know your vaporizers; try the thing out. Beat it up. And then hit us back with a review."

Portable Vaporizer Shop | Buy a Weed Vaporizer

New Products At Portable Vaporizers Now, we offer our customers the highest quality vaporizers on the market, lightning fast FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states, and 24 / 7 customer support through our toll free number: 1-866-264-2415. We are super easy to get ahold of and will promptly assist you to the best of our abilities!

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So, with December 21st 2012 only a couple of weeks away, we'll soon find out which version of the Mayan prophecy turns out to be true. Love it, the Puffit - the most discrete vaporizer to date?

BEST portable Vape

with all the vape fans around here,...which is the best portable vaporizer,..I have the extreme Q at home and love it,..but i need a good portable

What Is The Best Or Most Durable, Portable Vaporizer?

I have done some research and had a few really good referrals as to a good portable vaporizer. I want to purchase a portavape soon but I want to get

Best Portable Vaporizer for weed or medical marijuana

The best vaporizer in the market today can range in prices. There are those portable vaporizer machines that can easily win you the best high.

Puffit Portable Vaporizer Review

Price: $139 ($100 at Hempfest) Supplier: GotVape Includes: Vaporizer, black mouth cover, clear mouth cap with replacements (3), metal top cap, rubber top cap cover, top cap poker attachment, hand poker, USB charger, temperature gauge, carrying case, replacement screens (4). I bought the Puffit Vaporizer when I was at Seattle Hempfest a couple weeks ago.

best portable vaporizers for weed

If you are looking for a new portable vaporizers, you will find this page you are reading will give such a surprise to you. I made a search on the best portable vaporizers to present them for you along with reviews on why they are an excellent pick.

Smoking Marijuana Vs. Vaporizing Marijuana Infographic

Smoking Vs. Vaporizing Cannabis Depending on one's experience within the realm of cannabis consumption, some may never have heard of vaporizing. Vaporizing is a common technique for consuming marijuana, while at the same time negating many irritating respiratory toxins that exists within the grown marijuana flower and are released when smoked.

How To Get The Most From Vaporizing

High. Welcome to our bring-your-own-bud Vapor Lounge. Whether in Vancouver or Toronto, without a doobie doubt the Storz & Bickel Volcano Digit is the Cadillac of cannabis consumption on the tables of cannabis cafe's and chronic connoisseurs. It's a geeky ganja gadget that appeals to both our love of high-end tech toys (think XBox360 & iPhone) and toking.

Why Should I Vaporize My Weed?

Do you want to use your herbs without all the coughing, hacking, and wheezing associated with smoking? Do you ever feel inflamation, irritation, or damage to your throat or lungs because of high inhalation temperatures or harmful toxins? Do you ever feel like your immune system is overworked...

Why you should invest in a vaporizer | Stonyview

Want to know more about vaporizers? So, you've been doing a little research and figured out that there's this thing called a vaporizer for "vaporizing" weed right? If you don't know the first thing about vaporizers you should read our short take on: What is a vaporizer?

Portable Vaporizers...Which is best for me?

Portable Vaporizers There are quite a few ways to consume your medicine. You can eat it, drink, spray it, smoke it or vaporize it. A Vaporizer is a tool that allows you to smoke Marijuana without burning any plant matter, which allows for just the active ingredients in Marijuana (THC) to be released into a chamber which is then inhaled, eliminating all of the carcinogenics normally ingested while smoking otherwise.