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Children's Calligraphy Set

Kids Calligraphy Activities
Calligraphy is the art of lettering that has existed almost as long as the written word. Calligraphy can be practiced using almost any alphabet, and thus can be found in documents from China, Japan, medieval European monks, the United States and many other places. Teaching children calligraphy can help improve penmanship and encourage creativity...
Before we get started with the article, below are some fantastic examples of great calligraphy Alphabets that you can use to practice. Surprisingly, unlike what most people think, Calligraphy is not a modern art or an art that has only just been discovered.
How To Write Calligraphy
Learning how to write calligraphy can be a wonderful experience and a hobby you can use to create beautiful works of scripted art. Using a slanted tip pen, you can create artistic flourishes and swirls that make the writing as expressive as what you are communicating.
Calligraphy and handwriting for Children
I am often asked how long I have been doing calligraphy and how I got interested in the first place. As a youngster, the only books in the house were a 10 volume Arthur Mee Childrens Encyclopaedia. The many articles and illustrations of ancient civilisations, carvings and manuscripts that I found there really fuelled my imagination and have...
Children's Calligraphy Set
Children's Calligraphy Set
Children's Calligraphy Set
Children's Calligraphy Set