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5 Best Hiking Experiences in Kandy to Go with Your Family

Kandy, a picturesque city nestled in the hills of Sri Lanka, is not only known for its rich cultural heritage but also for its breathtaking natural beauty. While many travelers come to explore its temples and historical sites, Kandy offers some fantastic hiking opportunities for those looking to connect with nature. If you're planning a family vacation to this charming city, don't miss out on hiking in Kandy, where you can immerse yourself in the lush greenery and serene landscapes.


Udawatte Kele Sanctuary

Udawatte Kele Sanctuary is a haven of tranquillity and nature located right in the heart of Kandy, spreading about 257 acres. It's an ideal place for family hiking, as the trails are relatively easy and not too strenuous. As you wander through the dense forest, you'll encounter various species of birds, butterflies, and small mammals. The highlights of this hike are the ancient temples, water ponds, Senkada Cave, and the Garrison Cemetery.

Kandy, with its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural landscapes, offers a perfect blend of experiences for families. These 5 best hiking experiences in Kandy are not only an opportunity to connect with nature but also to create lasting memories with your loved ones. Whether you prefer an easy stroll through a sanctuary or a more challenging adventure in the mountains, Kandy has something to offer every family, making it an unforgettable destination for your next vacation. So, put on your hiking shoes, grab your backpacks, and embark on a journey of exploration and adventure in the heart of Sri Lanka.


Hanthana Mountain Range

The Hanthana Mountain Range is a hiker's paradise, featuring several hiking trails of varying difficulties. For a family-friendly hike, consider the Hanthana Family Trail, which is a moderate hike suitable for all ages. The lush forests, vibrant flora, and cool mountain breeze make this experience both refreshing and memorable. The beautiful viewpoints which offer stunning panoramic views of Kandy have even served as locations for movies and music videos.


Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha Statue Hike

The Sri Maha Bodi Viharaya or Bahiravokanda Vihara Buddha is an iconic landmark overlooking Kandy. Commonly referred to as the ‘Big Buddha’, it stands true to its name as a powerful and giant Buddha statue overlooks the city of Kandy. The short hike to reach this giant Buddha statue is perfect for families with children. As you ascend the hill, you'll be greeted by panoramic views of Kandy, its lake, and surrounding hills. The sight of the Buddha statue against the backdrop of a colorful sunset is a breathtaking experience and an excellent photo opportunity for your family.


Knuckles Mountain Range

If your family is up for a more challenging hike, then the Knuckles Mountain Range is a must-visit. Located a bit outside Kandy, it offers a series of trails with varying levels of difficulty. While the more strenuous hikes are recommended for experienced hikers, there are also family-friendly trails that lead to captivating viewpoints, waterfalls, and dense forests. The Knuckles Mountain Range is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and it's worth the journey to explore the natural wonders it has to offer. The Mini World’s End, an escarpment situated at the Southern end of the Knuckles range, provides a panoramic view of this majestic range.


Monara Gala Mountain

The Monara Gala Mountain is a hidden gem waiting to be explored. This picturesque peak, also known as "Peacock Rock," offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding landscape. This stands 1513 meters above sea level and rises 200 meters above Pussellawa city. It is easily accessible by using the roads across the villages. Peacock Hill Mountain is one of the most panoramic vantage points as it offers views of the Knuckles Mountain range, Bible Rock, Nuwara Eliya Town, Pidurutalagala range, Kotmale reservoir and much more.