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Updated by Nick Kellet on Nov 13, 2015
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7 Reasons Listly Kills HTML Zombie Lists



Keeps Content Fresh

Keeps Content Fresh

No list is ever complete. The world changes and so things needs to be added, things become obsolete. Opinions change.

We believe you can create less content, by keeping your existing content fresh. We believe this earns you better search rankings too.

Great Listly lists are lists made my many people. That makes them trusted and share-worthy


Let's Readers be Co-Authors

Let's Readers be Co-Authors

Traditionally publishers publish and consumers consume.

We believe everyone wants to contribute to topics they care about.

People want to vote and contribute to a single aggregated view, which is why comments don't work.


Embeddable (Like Slides)

Embeddable (Like Slides)

Don't lock you best content away inside your blog. Don't force people to copy your ideas.

Let them embed your list and extend it. & put you idea in-front of many more people.

Listly is simply a content platform focussed on embeddable lists instead of slides or videos.


Share both Content & Context

Share both Content & Context

Listly lets you embed OR share both lists OR items. This gives readers context AND content.

Embedding is longer term form of sharing. We also share by contributing to lists.

Sharing is a way of life. When people share they get more connected to your ideas. That gives your ideas more context in the world.


Easy to Edit beyond Publishing a Post

Easy to Edit beyond Publishing a Post

We are locked in Gutenberg thinking stopping us changing content beyond the publishing moment.

We believe collaboration is the solution to evolving your content beyond publishing.

We make it as easy to edit a post years after publishing as it is to publish a list in the first place.


Responsive Content

Responsive Content

Your content should not be fixed to a specific format or width. Responsive design is typical for blogs, but offering responsive embedded content is new.

This is an area of deep expertise for Listly


Layout/Design Equal Content

Layout/Design  Equal Content

When you edit a blog post, you are creating content in a set format. With Listly this is not the case. We offer mutliple layouts in which to render your content.

This makes Listly a true content plaform

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