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Updated by N. Saavedra on Jan 12, 2015
Headline for Top 10 Fall TV Shows
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Top 10 Fall TV Shows

The leaves have turned and the air is brisk, now is the time to catch up and keep up with television's fall lineup of shows striving to make astounding comebacks and wow audiences with refreshing debuts!

Sleepy Hollow

Premiering its first season on FOX, Sleepy Hollow follows a thrilling theme with beautifully developed characters and a story line perfect for this month's ghoulish agenda. A truly well-written show, Sleepy Hollow is sure to entrance viewers nationwide. Full episodes and air dates can be found on FOX's website.

Once Upon a Time

As a returning show now running its highly anticipated 3rd season, Once Upon a Time would be quite the nutshell to describe, but essentially, the main plot follows "Fairy Tale" characters personified and brought to life in the quaint little town of Storybrooke where they have been entrapped for 28 years. Once's complicated story line brings along with it a variety of diverse characters that never fail to capture your heart (or your hatred!). The show's dark subtle undertones and intense plot paired with familiar faces such as Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Snow White, and the Evil Queen, provide entertainment that will surely appeal to everyone in the family. Visit ABC's website for more information and access to full episodes and promos! You can also catch up with the series on Netflix and Hulu.




Glee's fifth season has arrived and it looks to be a bittersweet time in the show's history, but nevertheless, Glee continues to pull forward and amaze us with new songs and relatable story lines. This fall favorite is expected to stay, so be ready Gleeks! The show must go on! Visit FOX's website for access to the latest news and content.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

If catching up with shows already running mid-series isn't your thing, but you still want to watch a program that's whimsical and enchanting, then you should consider giving Once Upon a Time in Wonderland a try. It's meant to be a spin-off of the pre-developed show Once Upon a Time, meaning neither of the stories interlock in anyway other than the conceptual themes an other basic setting-related ideas, so watching either of the two shows won't affect the main plot line of the other. Once in Wonderland focuses around a young Alice as she ventures through the world of Wonderland in search for her missing love. Visit ABC's website for more information.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX

As a wonderful comical relief to balance out this year's intense dramas, Brooklyn Nine-Nine brings with it an entire army of fun and ridiculousness that'll leave you breathless and beet-red in your seat. SNL's Andy Samberg stars in this genius comedy. Visit for more information.

Super Fun Night | ABC TV Show News, Cast, Photos & More -

Need a good laugh to help you push through the rest of the painstakingly long hours of the week? Super Fun Night is a perfect pick-me-up show to help alleviate some of that stress. Light and airy, undeniably funny and grand, Super Fun Night sits high and mighty at the top of the list for fall comedies. It stars comedy goddess Rebel Wilson, Lauren Ash, and Liza Lapira as three main characters in a joyous ensemble cast. Get comfortable and enjoy the Super Fun times to come! Visit for more information.

Chicago Fire | NBC

Firehouse 51 is back! And with new twists, tricks, and "What?!"-inducing cliffhangers, Chicago Fire's second season starts up in a fiery roar. So far, with only four episodes in and anxiously awaiting a fifth, Chicago Fire has already revealed some shocking plot bombs. Stay updated on all of the drama, visit NBC's Chicago Fire webpage for more information and access to full episodes and bonus footage!

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | Official Show Homepage

For long time fans of the Marvel movie franchise and Marvel Comics, Sci-Fi icon Joss Whedon presents his latest TV project: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Action-packed and promising to live up to the Marvel name, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is already accumulating a significant fan base. Don't wait any longer to be a part of the fray! Visit Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s webpage on for more information.

The Crazy Ones -

The Crazy Ones is a witty little comedy fresh off the presses on CBS. It stars Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar portraying a hilarious father-daughter dynamic duo that gives the show a familial backbone to support its non-stop hilarity and bombardment of jokes that'll keep your laugh track on a continuous loop. Visit for more information and air dates.

Almost Human on FOX

Another Sci-Fi show rearing its head this fall is Almost Human, the latest newborn being brought in to the world of J.J. Abrams, producer of the acclaimed "Fringe" series and "Lost" -- which ran a very successful 6 seasons! Almost Human, as the title implies, centers around a biologically modified protagonist and treads close to a nostalgic RoboCop theme. It's justice in biotechnology! What science fiction fan would pass up a show like this? Stay updated and visit for more information.