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YouTube Videos of Kettlebell Workouts

What's the "5 LEVEL Pyramid for Optimal Kettlebell Workout 'GAINZ'"...?

LEVEL 1: Single Kettlebell Exercise
LEVEL 2: Single Kettlebell Exercise
LEVEL 3: Power, power-endurance, and strength-endurance training
LEVEL 4: Double Kettlebell
LEVEL 5: Power, power-endurance, and strength-endurance training with LEVEL 4 exercises

Why I swallowed my pride and finally got certified as a kettlebell instructor

There is ONLY ONE exception I can think of here, and that’s “Restoration” work.
Things like stretching or mobility work if you like that sort of thing.
Personally I haven’t found stretching or traditional mobility work useful in the long term for “restoration” work - being able to move better and recover faster from my training / workouts.

The “CORE” of your Kettlebell workouts/training?

In LEVEL 2 Programming, we're focused on building strength, so reps will be low-ish. Grinds (Military Press) consist of 1-5 reps per set, while Ballistics (Clean, Snatch, Push Press, and Jerk) have up to 10 reps per set. Unfortunately, most people don't care about learning proper kettlebell technique, doing things right, or being systematic.

The TOUGHEST and most VALUABLE KB workouts you’ve NEVER done?

I think everyone should spend a season or two using LEVEL 3 workouts, whether to prepare for LEVEL 4 or to use “same but different” training for a change of pace.

Getting Serious: LEVEL 4 Kettlebell training

There is a greater demand for change (overload) placed on your body with a pair of KBs than with a single KB. One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES I see guys (especially - not so much women) make all the time is jumping straight from LEVEL 3 to LEVEL 5 training / workouts.

Shooting yourself in the foot - LEVEL 4 Kettlebell Workout Woes

When you get this program to remove your issues/limitations (the same one I use), I’ll give you ‘THE BIG 6’ Single Kettlebell Technique Coaching Video series which currently sells for $99, absolutely FREE, to get you up and running again.

Your FOUNDATIONAL LEVEL 4 kettlebell exercise

With double KB work, you need a wider base of support, which means you need to stay more upright.
And that means you need more of your quads (the muscles on the front of your legs) to lift the load.
So they need to be stronger.
That’s why we use the Double KB Front Squat.

“Surfing” the 5 LEVEL Pyramid + “Incognito” LEVEL 5 programs

So, before I answer his questions directly, I want to break this down so you can easily “surf” this pyramid, understanding what exercises and programs will work the best for you based upon your current situation.

The *BEST* LEVEL 4 kettlebell exercises…?

Get your copy of Kettlebell STRONG! AND “THE FOUNDATION” program here.

The most “TRANSFORMATIVE” LEVEL 4 kettlebell exercise(s)? (10 REASONS)

Just working your way to that path will build stronger arms, a more muscular upper body, and drastically improve your energy levels and cardiovascular health.
And the best part is, the DC+P is so powerful, it won’t take a lot of time out of your day to do it.
You can see how it works differently from other programs here.

LEVEL 5 Kettlebell Workout Programming - ULTIMATE KB training?

The info in this video is enough to get you started in your LEVEL 5 training.
But, if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t want to waste your time assembling and testing workout programs, and values “speed of implementation”...

LEVEL 5 Kettlebell Workout Programming - SAMPLES

[You can get 20+ full programs similar to this here if you’d like.]
These are some ideas of how to structure your programs for your desired outcome.


I use these “overly simple” bodyweight drills instead.
In fact, as a result, I’ve hit 3 recent PR’s (Personal Records) - 1 lifetime, and 2 bests that I haven’t hit since I was training for Olympic lifting competitions back in 2015/16 and I was in my early 40s.

Differences Between Complexes and Chains

Generally speaking, most complexes and chains bias the Lactic Acid / Fast Glycolytic / Anaerobic Glycolysis system (whatever you want to call it).
But again, you could do a very simple 3 exercise complex or chain using 1 to 2 reps per exercise and train for strength and power, biasing the Phosphagen / ATP-PC / Anaerobic Alactic system, as long as you kept your sets around 15 seconds or less.

5 Reasons you’re not seeing the results you want to from your KB workouts

If you need a plan to follow, instead of something random, that tightens up your technique, and leaves plenty of room for recovery, so you start seeing results, this one always delivers.

Solid Workout Plan That Keeps Progressing…?

This one will take you through all 5 levels of kettlebell training - including some simple bodyweight exercises - so your mind and body never get bored.

How To Build Kettlebell Workout Consistency With LPP

If you need a long-term periodized plan to build consistency in your training so you can be stronger, leaner, more muscular, and better conditioned, many of my customers recommend this one.

What to do if you’re getting stronger but not seeing a difference in the mirror

If you need help putting a plan together with the right amount of work, the right amount of recovery, and the right amount of protein, so you can strip off those love handles, build some noticeable muscle, while getting stronger in the process…

“Unsexy” kettlebell fat loss workouts?

give this strategy a shot for the next 4, 8 or even 12 weeks. And if you want a copy of the ‘SWING HARD!’ program that Andrew used, I’ll leave a link in the description below the video.

Are You Up For This Kettlebell Workout Challenge?

If you want to accept the SFG 5-Minute Snatch Test Challenge, and want to use “The King Sized Killer” programs, then: 👉 Get The King-Sized Killer -
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7 Tactics to boost your stalled Kettlebell Military Press

I’ve put them in a video series here which people rave about if you’re interested.

Do Kettlebells “work the legs?”

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👉 Learn more about ‘THE GIANT’ here.
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“Why aren’t my Kettlebell workouts working better?” (3 reasons)

There are also a growing number of steroid users shilling workout programs on the internet. Steroids change the game - meaning you can do more work and recover faster. So if you’re not using them, be careful of these guys.

The case AGAINST the Kettlebell Snatch

If your Level 1 and 2 skills are dialed in, and you want a program to reap the benefits of the Snatch, you can check out the “The King Sized Killer” here.
(It’s also great for simultaneously stripping off fat and getting stronger.)

How To Keep From “Fooling Yourself” With Your Kettlebell Workouts (The Sweet Spot?)

If you need a Recomp program that “covers all the bases,” here’s a new one I put out recently that you might’ve missed. 👉