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Bike Tow Leash Review

Wondering if the Bike Tow Leash is right for you and your dog? Or even if biking with your dog is a good idea?


Bike Tow Leash Makes Dog Outings Even More Amazing!

Recently I bought an amazing accessory for the trike... it's called a Bike Tow Leash and it comes with a custom attachment for the trike. I can hitch Lucy to it and she can run safely beside or behind the trike with no fear of her pulling me over or of her getting under the wheels.

Bike Tow Leash Review

Best bike leash for cycling safely!

Bike Tow Leash Review

Best bike leash for cycling safely!

Bike Tow Leash Review: Best bike leash for cycling safely!

Bike Tow Leash Review: Best bike leash for cycling safely!

11 Ways to Take Dogs on Bikes (Slideshow)

Photo: Monika.monika/Creative Commons. Yes, this is all about cute-overload. But if you're a regular cyclist and have a dog as your very best friend, the question will eventually hit you: How can you take your pooch along for the ride?

Training a Trail Dog

Training a Trail Dog by Bruce Argyle Riding with your dog is a good way to keep Fido in shape. But the dog requires training before you head into the wilderness. Otherwise, it may wind up lost in the woods. Your dog needs to: Stay with you. Leave deer and other wildlife alone.

Biking with Dogs - Be Safe!

Taking a bike ride with your dog might seem like a great way for some combined canine/human exercise. But just because you're up for a workout, doesn't mean your dog will be! Before you head out on the bike with Fido in tow, make sure you follow these tips to ensure the experience will be a safe one for both of you.

Cycling Gypsies

Welcome to our resources page for cycling with dogs. Here you'll find a guide to some dog friendly bike equipment and a few tips to make it work. ,Choosing a Ride for Your Dog: Paws to the Floor: Run Fido Run Baskets and Carriers for Small Dogs Choosing a Two Wheel Dog Trailer Airline Kennels...

How to Ride a Bicycle with Your Dog

Edited by Sean Hickey, James Quirk, Tom Viren, Jack Herrick and 22 others If you love dogs and love to bicycle, here are some ways you can safely bike with your dog. Use a proper bike-leash attachment or just a regular leash with loop in the end.

Dog Biking Tips

Biking can be an extremely enjoyable activity for both dog and owner when the right precautions are taken. We recommend biking for dogs that are at least 20 lbs. In most cases this is an activity that is best suited for medium to large dogs.

Bike Riding With Your Dog - Whole Dog Journal Article

Whole Dog Journal contributor Susan Sarubin explains how to safely bike ride with your dog. Specialty dog collars, leashes and equipment may be needed to keep this exercise safe.