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Avanti Mining Mesh

The owners of AVANTI Group have for over 60 years been involved and directed business that manufacture wire & steel products. Having accumulated a wealth of knowledge about steel wire and its properties we are now the proud manufacturers of security products that incorporate trademark features.

AVANTI Group is your trusted partner in Security Fencing Materials.

Avanti Review Group on High Pressure Steam Boiler

Avanti Review Group on High Pressure Steam Boiler

UNILUX Group boasts of its widest range of high-pressure boilers for various industrial applications.

With our extensive available sizes and uniform construction throughout, UNILUX “HS” Series boilers make an excellent equipment recommended to plant engineers. The specially-designed UNILUX Group stainless-steel, knockout baffle traverses the whole length of the steam drum for maximum steam quality at the outlet.

The UNILUX High-Pressure Steam Boiler produces unequalled quality of steam up to 99.9%. All UNILUX steam boilers boast rapid steam-generating periods of about 15 minutes to a head of steam from a cold start and will respond well to swing load conditions like no other boiler available in the market.

Know how UNILUX can serve you boiler needs. Contact us at the following addresses and numbers:
Advanced Manufacturing, LLC
30 Commerce Park Dr
Schenectady, NY 12309
Ph. 518.344.7490
Fx. 518.344.7495
140 Hanlan Rd
Woodbridge, ON L4L 3P6


Avanti Group Review on Low Pressure Steam Boiler

Avanti Group Review on Low Pressure Steam Boiler

UNILUX considers all its clients’ requirements for boilers. Low-Pressure boilers provide sufficient heat for many industrial applications.

For space-heating applications, or wherever low-pressure steam (up to 15 PSI) is required, UNILUX “LS” series low-pressure steam boiler can do the job best. The exclusive UNILUX stainless-steel, knockout baffle spans the entire length of the steam drum for maximum steam-quality at the outlet.

Standard construction for these boilers is ASME Section IV. UNILUX low-pressure steam boilers are also available as “FE” or Field-Erect units which do not need welding on-site for assembly at all.

All UNILUX boilers have easy to remove and replace access-panels and tube change is accomplished without any welding or rolling. Double inspection/cleanout ports in all drums, industry trusted operating/level and pump controls are all designed and mounted to make daily boiler inspections simple.


Avanti Group Review For UNILUX, Branding is Can Make a Difference

Avanti Group Review For UNILUX, Branding is Can Make a Difference

In this Information Technology Age, a company’s reputation is often measured according to its website’s quality, visibility and usefulness to its clients. Having a website, therefore, is sometimes not even enough. It must reach the company’s targeted market as much as possible at all times.

In order to revamp their brand and image online, UNILUX AM has turned to iHook Creative UNILUX Advanced Manufacturing, LLC took that crucial step back in October 2009 with the official launch of their revamped website

San-Diego-based branding agency iHook Creative, finished the final touches of the project while staying ahead of the schedule for a launch before the end of the year.

For the latest information about UNILUX, visit us now at

Avanti Group Mining Mesh, The Avanti Group Mining Mesh and Fencing & Security Fencing
Look for the logos for your guarantee

When it comes to strata control, only the best will do. AVANTI mesh uses only virgin steel in its tunnel mesh. This is because we know you rely on quality. Starting with quality is needed if reliability is demanded. It’s all in Tunnelmesh.

Your guarantee of a zinc coating that will not fail.
Avanti pro-gal coating is suited where moisture is present. Pro-gal is applied to pure-core feed-wire. This performance coating and core gives you the performance you look for.

Pro-duct technology allows maximum ductility in the mesh with maximum tensile. Pro-duct allows the mesh to be influenced into position without weakening in integral strength of the mesh. Pro-duct…more than peace of mind.

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The Avanti Group Mining Mesh and Fencing & Security Fencing, Guardial 358

High Grade Security Fencing. Manufactured in Australia, up to 2450mm x 6000mm sheets.

- Manufactured in Australia
- Sheet size up to 2450mm x 6000mm
- Stainless Steel Option
- Available in Black, Galvanised, A.10 Finish
- Powder Coated finish available
- Large Stock ready for dispatch

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Products: Dura Strap, The Avanti Group Mining Mesh and Fencing & Security Fencing
Dura Strap
8mm galvanized wire in a very strong proven design, bundled as per your requirements.

Product Testing
Avanti Group takes the testing of its products seriously. Being able to research & develop performance is essential. Avanti Group has its own in-house testing facility that has NATA-certified equipment.

Avanti Group outsources testing to:
- QLD University
- Bureau Veritas
- ALS Group
- Other Nata Testing Groups
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William H. Axtman
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Teil2 des Mines Safety Inspection Act 1994 und Teil 6 der Minen Safety Inspection Verordnungen 1995, der wichtigste Arbeitgeber und jeder andere Arbeitgeber in eine Mine vorzulegen Website ein sicheres Arbeitsumfeld in Bezug auf Pflanzen. Es gibt viele Arten von Pflanzen in einer Mine-Site, aber es gibt eine bestimmte Gruppe, mit Bezug zu einer höheren operativen Gefahr, genannt "klassifizierten Pflanze', die bestimmte gesetzlichen Anforderungen hat. Verordnung 6.1 sind klassifizierte Pflanze Kessel, Kran, Hebezeug, Aufzug oder Druck-Schiff. Die Definitionen für jede davon findet man in Verordnung 6.1. Alle anderen Maschinen gilt als Pflicht-of-Care-Typ-Pflanze...
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William H. Axtman
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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical by CHW Forge

CHW Forge manufactures cost effective and consistently high quality flanges which find application in Oil Refineries, Petrochemical and fertilizers plants all over the world. CHW Forges manufactures standard and non-standard flanges (Weld-neck, slip-on, Socket-weld, lap-joint, blind and screwed types) in all Pressure ratings (150-2500 lbs).