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Yogurt Maker Reviews & Ratings

Take a look at the best yogurt makers for end 2013 early 2014. Read reviews and see yogurt maker ratings as well.


Get 50% or More Off these Top-Rated Yogurt Makers

This list has some of the best-rated yogurt makers all for at least half price. Great list to check out BEFORE buying a new yogurt maker.


salton yogurt maker

salton yogurt maker

If you pay more than $28 for this machine, you are being ripped off ROYALLY. The price range for this should be between $16 and $27, max. If you can't find this yogurt maker from an online supplier in that price range, buy another brand. The prices quoted on Amazon are an outrage. Don't bite.

yogurt maker recipes

Easy and delicious yogurt maker recipes

yogourmet yogurt maker

I have made three batches of yogurt with a 24hr-ferment time and have been very pleased. I did use Yogourmet starter and have had thick, creamy yogurt each time. I like that the yogurt maker comes with a thermometer for when the milk is heated prior to making the yogurt.

Yogurt Starter Reviews

Read reviews on all best-selling yogurt starters

euro cuisine yogurt maker

#1 Best Selling Yogurt Maker

I must say this is the best yogurt maker I have ever used in my life,It is such a fun and easy experience using this machine. The best aspect of the machine is that the jars are glass and NOT plastic. I recommend every one to buy one, I have allready bought five others for gifts. I love it!

donvier yogurt maker

Yesterday I made my first batch with the Donvier Yogurt Maker. First of all, it's SO simple. Three ingredients: Milk, milk powder, and starter (I used 2T of my regular brand). Four simple steps:

  1. Stir the milk powder into the milk (I used non-fat milk, and the non-fat milk powder makes the yogurt creamier)

  2. Heat the milk until it almost boils

  3. Cool the milk till it reaches 110--simple to gauge, using the thermometer included with the machine--then add the starter

  4. Pour into the cups, and let the machine do its work!

I mixed the batch up in the morning, and by the evening I could move the cups to the fridge to chill. This morning I was treated to fresh yogurt; the creamiest, freshest tasting yogurt I've ever had, and it was non-fat with NO additives!

I highly recommend this machine. If you like yogurt, you'll love what you can make at home with the Donvier!

How To Make Yogurt

Do the Green thing! and make your own yogurt! It's fun, easy and healthy. And, you'll be saving the earth from all those little plastic cups!

How to Make Yogurt from Scratch at Home without a Yogurt Maker - Easy Recipe

How to make yogurt from scratch at home - by the gallon. Easy without a yogurt maker. This homemade yogurt recipe is simple and delicious. Subsequent batches are self-seeding (using a little of the prior batch as a starter). Just a few cooking utensils are needed along with some jars & jugs and a cooler.