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Top 05 Temples of Angkor to see during your tour to Cambodia – Be inspired by an intriguing collection of temples!

Angkor in Siem Reap province of Cambodia is a vast archaeological site of great importance. As the hub of the ancient Khmer Kingdom for centuries, it encompasses a series of temples with Khmer architecture, structures like canals, reservoirs, etc. and reveals features of an outstanding civilisation.


Angkor Wat

Situated at the Angkor archaeological site, this temple is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Siem Reap province and is the most significant temple of all the temples there. This magnificent temple complex has 05 shikaras (the spires) encompassing the main sanctum rising to a height of 65 metres in quincunx formation and is distinct because of this feature. The various outer galleries are lined with sculptural depictions of Hindu mythology on the walls and are much admired. This temple is dedicated to God Vishnu and faces the west, unlike all other temples which face the east. Many visitors touring this temple take some time to see the various features and don’t fail to enjoy a meal at one of the best restaurants in Siem Reap.


Baphuon Temple

The biggest temple after Angkor Wat, Baphuon Temple has a pyramid shape in dedication to Hindu Mount Meru and is simply palatial with a length of 120 m and width of 100 m and bringing airiness within at a height of 34 m. Although some of the temple parts have collapsed, its extensive open grounds lend a beautiful environment to the ruins of this temple and invite visitors such as those using hotels like FCC Angkor by Avani to linger on even after they have explored the temple to watch the breathtaking sunset in Cambodia.


Bayon Temple

Situated to the north of Angkor Wat and lying close to Baphuon Temple, Bayon is at the centre of this huge archaeological site. It is also referred to as Jayavarman Temple in respect to King Jayavarman who initiated the construction of this temple with many corridors, scores of steps and over 50 towers carrying serenely smiling faces. Each of these faces at 4 metres in height is similar with eyes closed depicting an inner state of peace and looking in different directions, however, some of them are in a state of disrepair. Bayon also carries sculptural depictions which are not related to Hindu mythology but seem to depict land and naval warfare etc.


Ta Prohm

This enigmatic temple seems to blend with nature, unlike all other temples in Angkor. Many of the temple's walls and other structures have been overrun by huge silk cotton trees and strangler figs growing over, around and through the construction of the original temple. This has been one of the Angkor locations used for the film Tomb Raider in its present state and is a tourist attraction due to this reason apart from its unique visage at present.


Preah Khan

Another one of the large temples in Angkor remains a well-preserved temple. This temple seems to offer both Hindu and Buddhist worship facilities. Whilst one gallery encloses a Buddhist Sanctum, various other smaller temples are for Hindu devotion. The whole temple complex is surrounded by a moat with the entrance facing the east. Floral stonework and fine carvings can be seen throughout this temple.