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Walkme Alternatives: walkthrough, tour, user experience, & tutorials

Chaperone - The easiest, proven way to guide people through online tasks.

Create step-by-step tutorials in minutes!
Chaperone allows you to easily build interactive online tutorials for your web application. Just a few clicks and you are done. Chaperone is the easiest and most intuitive way to onboard your employees or guide your users through your web application, engage them and convert them.

Whatfix - Accelerate Product Adoption

Whatfix is a Performance Support platform that helps businesses accelerate their Product Adoption with their nifty real-time interactive walkthroughs. With the walkthroughs businesses can:
Ease User Onboarding, Optimize their Employee Training, Reduce Support Overhead, Streamline Change Management
Whatfix's walkthrough creation is quick and easy with its point-and-click editor which makes it as one of the best tool for creating interactive walkthroughs.

Let me tell you a very short and real story Not long time ago, we were an agency delivering web based products (websites, apps,...) and just like majority of people in the business we were struggling with handing over a proper manual to the client documenting all the workflows eg.


myTips - on-screen tutorials & tooltips without coding.

myTips - on-screen tutorials & tooltips without coding.

myTips is the easiest way to create step-by-step tutorials and on-screen tooltips without the need to wait for you engineering team. Improve user onboarding, drive engagement and customer success without developers.

Try it Free:

Helppier - Welcome

Using guiders like Helppier, you can create a more pleasant experience and teach how to buy or use your product with step-by-step tutorials.

We believe help systems should be a lot better so we developed a innovative approach that allows web companies to better serve their users.

WalkMe - Walk The Web Step by Step

SIGN UP for free! and start helping your users Please fill in company email SIGN UP We Love Start-ups! and get free DEMO! and get a Quote! And we are happy to work with you to find the pricing that meets your needs. Please fill in company email Thank you!, on-page guidance and site-tours

Easily enhance user experience and improve usability of SaaS applications and eCommerce websites using interactive on-page guidance and site-tours. Pointing the way to a better user experience.


Your web designers and application developers don't have time to build a product tour. Use our hosted service, keep your people focused on their jobs.

Tour My App

Easy to maintain Tired of creating new tutorial videos or user documentation every time your UI changes? With Tour My App, it takes only minutes of pointing and clicking to update an existing tour to a new UI or to create a new tour.


Tutorialize lets website owners easily create interactive on-site tutorials that show their users around their site. Simple, flexible, and affordable.

Drawium Website Tour Builder

Drawium is a free website tour builder. Our site tour creator is 100% interactive, hence code-free. We also provide a javascript library for developers.