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Best tips for branding
If you are looking for information regarding branding to develop your brand the best place is We have included articles, blogs, Infographics just to help you. Not only that, we have information on positioning a brand and lots of other stuff that may useful for you. Come and have a look.
Bloggers and Brands: Top 10 Tips to Successfully Making Money Online
When it comes to the relationship between bloggers and brands, it can be a tricky thing to navigate. But let's face it, brands need bloggers and bloggers need brands. We exist in a delicate balance. The good news is that when the brand to blogger relationship is done right, we're able to create content that everyone can benefit from, including companies, bloggers, and blog readers.
The 6 Best Global Brands use creative crowdsourcing
Open innovation and co-creation are getting bigger and bigger. InnoCentive just released a whitepaper about Open Innovation (go here to download it) and eYeka is about to release one about online co-creation (stay tuned here). In this post, we want to show how the world's strongest brands are applying this new paradigm of openness in their marketing and innovation strategies.
Top 10 US Social-Network, Blog, Web Brand Rankings Issued for Dec.
Google's Blogger remains atop the blog site rankings with 35.8 million visitors, up from 33.6 million in Nov. and 24.1 million a year earlier. And Google itself is the web brand rankings, accounting for 117.7 million visitors in December.
Top 10 Ways for Creating an Effective Online Brand
If you're not actively branding your business, you are wasting golden opportunities to strengthen your online position in your niche. Creating a uniform goal and plan can help you make sure all your branding efforts are on target. Then incorporate the following top ten ways for create an effective online brand.
Some tips for Brand Positioning !
Brand Positioning is at the heart of the marketing strategy! It is the act of designing the company's offer and image so that it occupies a distinct and valued place in the target customer's minds. For the brand positioning, it is necessary that we must keep in mind the following points: Who the target consumer is?
Branding Definition
Successful branding begins with the customer, by identifying the specific niche or sub-niche the product or service will satisfy. All other branding decisions flow from that identification. The logo, the slogan, the packaging, where a company advertises and the images it uses, all need to be designed based on that customer's needs, wants, and habits....
Monetizing Brand Equity Requires Preparation from Day One
Often, the best way for monetizing your brand value is to sell your brand. What the value is, when to sell, and to whom are all questions that beg for answers; but being prepared is the essential ingredient to gaining the greatest value for your years of hard work.
Digital Marketing Blog
Facebook has become an important of marketing activity for any brands. Brands use it to connect with their customers, provide offers, promotions, get feedback on products/services, polls & other activities. Brands create a business page which a user can "Like" to become a fan of the page.
Think Brand Identity is Just a Clever Logo or Slogan?
Too many companies believe that brand identity is just a cute logo or slogan, but those aspects are two-dimensional. A brand's identity depends on how buyers respond to the brand. Initially, it is based on the customers' perception. But ultimately, it's based on the brand's reputation.
Na Lei Hulu Puts On Some Moves!
Several years ago, our national sales manager, Randy Arnold, took us to the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco for a Hula Show. He knew how much we loved Hawaiian culture, and especially the Hula. The hula is more than a dance form, it's a language that uses the hands, body, and movements...
Brand Name
A brand name is the actual word or words that identify a product or service. It can also serve as the logo, describe your end-user, and more. The brand name is not necessarily the logo, however, but it can serve as one if always represented in a signature font like IBM, Coca-Cola, and TIFFANY &...
Corporate Branding Captures a Company's Persona

Corporate branding is so much more than a cute logo. When done well, corporate branding encapsulates the whole personality of the corporation and indelibly imprints that image into the minds of the general public. Corporate branding is a process - a step-by-step discovery of what is possible in a world of all possible branding concepts....

What is Branding?

Good branding identifies the customer. Great branding ultimately causes the customer to identify with the brand. When you ask, "What is branding," the quick answer is giving your product or service a moniker, a logo and a slogan that identifies it in the commercial world. But the much broader answer is, how can you communicate...

Branding Strategy

Many people like to reduce brand strategy to a clever logo. I take a broader view. A good brand strategy includes answers to these questions: Is the brand readily available to the buyer now? Does it offer value to the buyer for a specific use? Is it unique?

The C-E-O Helps Students Build and Harvest Their Brands

The vision of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (C-E-O) is "to change the world through allowing and supporting college students to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams." With over 240 chapters at colleges in more than 43 states, the C-E-O has become the go-to organization for the next generation of brand builders.

Packaging Can Make or Break a Product

Good package design begins as an act of discovery, not a creative art form. The word "packaging" has several different meanings in commerce. It can apply to products or to services. The physical package that provides containment, protection, and merchandising for products is the type of packaging discussed here.

Before You Start Packaging Design - PART 2

Packaging design must be practical. In the early days at Barefoot Wine, we sold several shipping containers of 1.5 magnums of Sauvignon Blanc to our buyers in Japan. After the pipeline stopped, we found out that the big bottles would not fit in the small Japanese refrigerators!

Brand Marketing is All about Choices

Brand marketing can be done through everything from pricing and distribution to customer-loyalty programs and endorsements. Here are just a few ways to consider: Brand marketing through various channels. Brand marketing can be done through: the Internet, TV, word-of-mouth, radio, print, signage and/or worthy-cause marketing. Advertising through print and broadcast media is the traditional way....

Brand Image is Developed After the Launch

There are many companies that will create a brand image for you. They'll develop a logo, a slogan, and perhaps packaging for your product or service. They might even obtain third-party endorsements. All of these are developed before the launch, but a successful brand image is based on reputation.

Brand Management includes Crisis Control

Brand management is comprehensive vigilance, adjusted to market conditions and distribution realities. Crisis control is no doubt a major part of brand management. Odwalla is an excellent example of good brand management. Because Odwalla wanted to provide juices that retained their natural flavors and nutrition, it didn't pasteurize them.

Search Engine Optimization is Essential to Personal Branding

When it comes to search engine optimization, not all sites are created equal. Ecommerce sites require a different structure than informational blogs. Community message boards require different strategies than a simple landing page for a business. Before placing the first building blocks of your new digital home, sit down and set a list of objectives....

Cosmetic Packaging is Anything but Superficial

Cosmetic packaging is not only a shipping necessity; it is a vital aspect of marketing. Good cosmetic packaging causes excitement and anticipation in the consumer. With great cosmetic packaging, not only does your end-user identify with your product, your product moves efficiently throughout the distribution system.

Channel Distribution Management Trumps the Product

Companies - especially new companies--underestimate channel distribution management. Channel distribution management includes everything from merchandising and delivery, to policies and procedures, oversight and field reports. It's a huge area of concern. The bottom line is: Your customer can't buy it if it isn't there. The channels are not designed to build brands - they're designed...

Product Positioning Definition

An official product positioning definition is: a consumer's view of a product or service compared to its competition. Here are some critical considerations to achieve product positioning beyond pricing, appearance, quality and endorsements: Product perception. Even though you have a great logo, name, and slogan, you still must position your product properly, starting with how...

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