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JavaScript Charting

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FusionCharts Free now Open Source
FusionCharts Free is now open-source under the GPL and MIT license. What does it mean for you? A lot. But in a nutshell here's what you can do with FusionCharts Free: Use it for any purpose, commercial or personal Modify its source code to suit your needs Share it with your friends and neighbors Re-distribute FusionCharts Free, modified or the way it is, as part of your software or hardware applications Why open source?
Read between the plots
You've successfully completed the first six months at your new job as a marketing specialist and the time has come to reveal how you leveraged your ideas for the benefit of the company. So, you make a Revenue chart and tell yourself: "These high-rise things are my contribution."
JavaScript charts using SQL Server data with FusionCharts XT - Part 2
In the second part of FusionCharts XT with ASP.NET series, learn how to use SQL Server data to create JavaScript charts. We will use the .NET library bundled with FusionCharts XT to create charts in ASP.NET (C#).
Generate chart images on the server using FusionCharts
FusionCharts helps you make kick-ass dashboards that can be viewed on a PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or a majority of mobile devices.
JavaScript LinkedCharts in ASP.NET (C#) with FusionCharts XT - Part 4
In the last part of FusionCharts XT with ASP.NET series, we will create LinkedCharts using MS SQL Server data and C#. LinkedCharts is a pioneering concept by FusionCharts, which allows you to create unlimited levels of drill-down using a single data source. LinkedCharts is most useful when the user
4 More Businesses on the Frontier of Predictive Analytics - Part 3 in the Series
Last week, we took at look at 5 startups doing cutting edge work in predictive analytics. But there really are so many examples of innovation in predictive analytics, that we couldn't include them all in a single post, and have spread them out over to this post too.
30 days, 30 tips and a better world
Data is everywhere. It is converting it into powerful actionable information that really makes the difference. In an endeavor to help you offer a powerful reporting experience to your users, we wanted to do our bit too. Come June, we will be tweeting a tip a day for the entire month.
The wow factor coming soon to PowerPoint
All the animation and interactivity that you love about 1 is coming soon to your PowerPoint presentations. And we are calling it oomfo. Here's a glimpse: So what do you think? Where do you see yourself using it? Is there any special feature that will make your life a lot easier?
5 web apps with inspiring reports and dashboards
If you have gone shopping for a web application recently, you would have noticed how a majority of them talk about the all-conquering dashboard they have while trying to lure you. And not without good reason.
Get the Delight of FusionCharts in Pentaho, Now with Real Time Charts [Free Plugin]
This is a guest post from one of our partners, Xpand IT, who specialize in integrating FusionCharts products with other platforms. We, at Xpand IT, would
Showcasing the usage of FusionCharts in SeeTheStats
We have always wanted to showcase innovative uses of FusionCharts. Firstly, to get you all excited about our product (and increase our sales) and secondly, to inspire you to explore the power of FusionCharts (and to increase our sales). We started off with the new <a title="Case St
Data Digest - The Human Face of Big Data
Today, we're starting a new series on our blog, where we'll be featuring cream-of-the-crop articles from across the Internet on a weekly basis to inspire, provoke, entertain, and inform you on the state of data, and more specifically data visualization. We hope you'll find this series relevant, and useful.
5 Quick Fixes to Ugly X-axis Labels
Imagine you have only 1 second (in real life scenarios, sometimes even less) to tell your story. How will you make your data visualization speak for itself? By making every aspect of your visualization count! Data Labels describe the value associated with the specific point on the chart axes.
Second base with charts: Understanding the Multi-level pie chart
Pie charts have been used, misused and abused. But what about the multi-level pie chart? They have been under-used, to put it simply. Other standard charts have been opted for even when the multi-level pie chart would have been the perfect fit.
5 tips for writing great chart captions
Your users are becoming busier by the day. Your charts are packing in more info, and are becoming denser by the day. As a result, if users need more than a few seconds to grasp the significance of the data plots, we've lost the game.
Choosing the right chart type: Line charts vs Area charts
The Line and the Area chart look very similar. They even facilitate the same kind of analysis yet they cannot be used interchangeably. A line chart connects discrete but continuous data points by using straight line segments. It is effective in facilitating trend analysis.
Business tricks they don't teach at B-Schools - How to report poor performance and get away with it?
For management executives, the quarterly meeting could be a dream or a nightmare. If you and your department have done well, it is time to thump that chest and declare how you are the best thing since beer.
3 Insanely Great Dashboards from Recorded Future - Predictive Analytics Part 4
Over the past few weeks we've been discussing predictive analytics at length. We started with an overview, and then went on a tour of 9 unique businesses that are leading innovation in predictive analytics. So far, we've just set the stage for this and the next post, where we take a focused look at the visualization methods and concepts used in predictive analytics products today.
JavaScript charts in PHP and MySQL with FusionCharts XT - Part 2
This the second part of the FusionCharts XT with PHP series. We will create interactive JavaScript charts using data from a MySQL database with FusionCharts XT. We will make use of the PHP library that is bundled with the FusionCharts Suite. To recap from the <a href="http://blog.fusion
Second base with charts: Understanding the Waterfall chart
Everyone hits the first base. But getting to the second base is where a lot of people are lost out. Yes, almost everyone has made use of simple column, line and pie charts at some point of time in their lives. But when your relationship with data starts heating up, the first base just won't do.
What you can learn about reporting from Google Analytics
If you have ever done anything web, chances are you have heard of Google Analytics. Heck, you would have dived into it and spent countless hours together.
Branding your Charts
Your charts are yours. That's not exactly the best of ways to start off but then that's exactly what we are going to talk about right now - branding your charts. So let's get started. Why should you brand your charts?
Export Chart Images on the Server Without Rendering in a Browser
You may have often wanted to export charts as images from the backend and email them to users, especially to senior management, who love getting insightful charts & dashboards delivered straight to their inbox. Or maybe you've wanted to automate these reports for convenience.
Drill-down JavaScript charts in ASP.NET(C#) with FusionCharts XT - Part 3
In the third part of FusionCharts XT with ASP.NET series, we will create drill-down JavaScript charts using data from MS SQL Server. Drill-down charts are best suited for situations which require the user to go from a summarized view to a granular view. Drill-down charts can present annual revenue >
FusionCharts and Javascript - The Chemistry
FusionCharts Suite shares a great chemistry with Javascript. What does this mean for you? Quite a lot actually. You can combine the two of them to: Create comprehensive sales reports: Show a chart at the top with summarized sales info for say 5 years.