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5 Distinctive Things to Experience in the Maldives – Enjoy a Truly Unique Island Getaway

Visitors to the beautiful Maldives would have the opportunity to enjoy several memorable experiences that would stand out; these include big game fishing, night diving, visiting the National Museum, jet skiing and more, each with something different to offer.


Big game fishing excursion

Many visitors to the idyllic Maldives would choose to undertake a captivating big game fishing excursion which is sure to be an absorbing experience. Even if you don’t have previous experience in fishing, you are likely to enjoy one of these engrossing outings. As you might expect in a tropical island nation, you would find that the waters surrounding the Maldives teem with interesting kinds of fish and the clear waters would also add to the pleasure of the fishing experience. In these waters, you would have the chance to snare prize catches like blue marlin, sailfish, giant trevally, rainbow runner, giant barracuda and so on. 


Night diving

Another amazing experience that would appeal to visitors seeking unusual things to do would be diving in the waters of the Maldives at night. Such an adventure would be enthralling even in the daytime, but the experience would be even more special after sunset when the undersea environment would take on a special aura. You will find that the local waters would be illuminated by bioluminescence in the night-time creating a unique spectacle for the diver. You are sure to be entranced as you observe sharks and exotic fish swimming near you on your night dive. 


Visit the National Museum

The Maldivian capital, Male, would always be an interesting destination to explore presenting many sightseeing attractions for the visitor. A sometimes overlooked attraction in this city that would appeal to culture and history lovers would be the fascinating National Museum. By visiting this museum, you would be able to gain an insight into the unique history and culture of this nation. This institution would boast an engrossing collection of artefacts which would include objects made from stone, royal antiquities including costumes and jewellery, cloth and paper manuscripts, images of well-known personalities and so on. 


Go jet skiing

On the other hand, adventure and excitement seekers wouldn’t be disappointed in the Maldives either as they would have the opportunity to engage in many thrilling activities such as jet skiing. As you might expect, this water sport will always be an exhilarating experience as you skim across the waters and take daring twists and turns. Even if you happen to be new to this activity, you could acquire the necessary skills at your own pace with a trained instructor guiding you all the way. An accommodation choice to consider from which you could go jet skiing and enjoy other fun water sports would be OBLU SELECT Sangeli Maldives where you could stay at a pleasingly located overwater villa in the Maldives. 


Experience a bodu beru performance

A unique experience that you could only enjoy in the Maldives would be witnessing a distinctive bodu beru performance; it would be a part of the traditional culture of the country and would include music, singing and dancing. You will find that the bodu beru performance commences with a slow, restrained rhythm and gradually increases in speed to conclude with an exciting crescendo. Naturally, this would be an entrancing experience to enjoy and interestingly, such performances have also been incorporated into ceremonies at private resorts where couples can renew their vows.

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