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Headline for 6 Places to Experience in Bandung on Your Backpacking Journey to Indonesia – Riveting Attractions for the Contemporary
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6 Places to Experience in Bandung on Your Backpacking Journey to Indonesia – Riveting Attractions for the Contemporary

Backpackers and other types of travellers heading to Bandung in Indonesia would have the chance to experience several captivating attractions, such as Patenggang Lake, Lembang, Trans Studio Mall and Braga Street; these varied sites are sure to capture one's imagination and are not to be missed.


Patenggang Lake

An appealing natural attraction that would draw the interest of nature lovers would be the picturesque Patenggang Lake where visitors could enjoy lovely scenic views. This lake would be a popular attraction for honeymooners who are drawn to it by its tranquil romantic ambience though solo travellers can enjoy it as well. Many residents of the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, also visit this feature of nature seeking a respite from the hectic urban environment. It would always be a refreshing experience to breathe the lake’s fresh mountain air and unwind amidst its leisurely atmosphere



The attractive highland area known as Lembang would be a magnet for outdoor enthusiasts as well. Here, you would encounter agreeable weather and many engrossing things to do. A well-known attraction would be the captivating floating market which happens to be a lakeside park featuring craft shops and food vendors operating from boats. On the other hand, the Bosscha Observatory would draw the interest of astronomy and science lovers. You would also have the opportunity to visit enchanting strawberry and tea plantations situated in this locality.


Trans Studio Mall

An attraction of a very different kind would be the expansive Trans Studio Mall which would draw the interest of avid shoppers and entertainment seekers. Bandung’s biggest shopping centre, this mall which features a tastefully decorated exterior and interior, would present a selection of absorbing retail outlets. However, the attractions of this mall wouldn’t end there; you will also find Indonesia’s biggest indoor amusement park at this site which provides plenty of fun-filled experiences.


Braga Street

An interesting locality to experience in Bandung would be the fascinating Braga Street which although not great in size, would offer abundant character and historical significance. Formerly a shopping attraction for colonialist Dutch aristocrats, you will find that this street today boasts an array of jazz bars, cafes, bakeries and elegant restaurants. Braga Street would be famed for its music-related allures with musicians playing rock songs at the bars and buskers at virtually every corner.


Gedung Sate

When it comes to sightseeing attractions in Bandung, a prominent place would be the renowned Gedung Sate. This splendid edifice may be regarded as a noteworthy local landmark and a good example of the cultural blend of Dutch and local elements that you would often see in Indonesia. This striking building may be regarded as one of the city's finest architectural creations and is worth taking in. An accommodation choice to consider for a hotel staycation in Bandung from which you could easily visit this attraction would be the appealingly located YELLO Hotel Paskal Bandung.


St. Peter’s Cathedral

An interesting religious attraction to visit during your trip to this city would be the entrancing St. Peter’s Cathedral which would undoubtedly capture the imagination of the sightseer. This cathedral happens to be renowned for its distinctive architecture which is considered to belong to the Neo-Gothic architectural style. This structure would also be a delight for photographers presenting marvellous photo opportunities. Keep in mind that the ideal time at which to photograph this place of worship would be during the afternoon just before sunset.