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Local Woman's Inspiring Recovery from Brutal Attack
Cornered by a rapist with a butcher knife, Beth O'Donnell fell nearly to her death, but lives today to tell the tale.
The Turtle and the Cow
The common bovine and the rare bog turtle form a striking pair for contemplating the diversity of the animal kingdom: one weighing the better part of a ton or more, the other four ounces fully grown; one a warm-blooded grazer, the other a cold-blooded hunter (of bugs); one numbering in the hundreds of millions at the behest of humans, the other dangerously close to disappearing at our hands.
Where Do Babies Come From ... in 2013?
The number of differently conceived children is growing. In 2010, 58,727 babies conceived through assisted reproductive technology were born in the United States.
Project Runway Winner Hails From Philly
Dom Streater, the latest winner of Project Runway, is from Overbrook, and still works part time at a diner.
Inspirational Story of a Late Teen's Mission Persevering
Andrew Hicks, who passed tragically in 2010, had a dream of helping needy children.
Lipsticks, her wonderful world of color
The very first lipstick I ever wore was dabbed on my lips by my best friend. We were in sixth grade, and Jane Lee, who was always taller and surer than I was, already knew how to outline her lips perfectly with Pixie Pink. The bonus: It tasted vaguely like bubble gum.
Need a Halloween Scare?
A collection of halloween classic movies to watch on the spookiest day of the year.
Necessary Nipple Tattoos?
Women breast cancer survivors are seeking 3-D nipple tattoos on their breasts to resemble natural breasts, after their procedures.
Legal Weed in New Jersey
Second facility opened in New Jersey that offers medical use marijuana.
Logan Square Megaplex
Plans for developing a $140 million project, featuring a new Whole Foods market and high-end apartments in Philadelphia's Logan Square district, were approved Wednesday, October 9.
Captain Phillips is a Must Sea !!!
"Look at me. Look at me! I'm the captain now."

Tom Hanks stars in new survival-at-sea drama in which his cargo ship is taken over by pirates.
Report: Ill girl at school without nurse is sent home, dies
A West Philadelphia sixth grader reportedly died from severe asthma complications after she was sent home from school Sept 25 because she felt ill.
Suicidal Temple Student Surrenders
Armed Temple student who barricaded himself in an off-campus apartment surrendered after standoff with police.
Tunes of Triumph
Holocaust survivor and pianist George Horner will play alongside legendary cellist Yo-Yo Ma.
Nobel Honor for 3 American Economists
3 US economists win Nobel for work on asset prices
Pennsylvania Chicken Company Accused of Cruelty
Central Pa. chicken company accused of tossing newly hatched chicks into meat grinders, live
Boeing Overcharging the Military?
Delaware County plant that develops Chinook helicopters cited for overcharging the military.
Elephant Room: Magical Theatre
Of the clown, Nietzsche remarked, "He alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter." Could the same be said of magicians?
Pharoah Sanders: Carrying on Coltrane's Legacy
A Coltrane apostle, 73-year-old saxophonist Pharoah Sanders still creates Coltrane worthy music.
New Senator: Cory Booker, D-NJ
Former Mayor of Newark, NJ, Cory Booker won closely contested US Senate race against Steve Lonegan.
High School Fight, Teacher Injured, Six Charged
Six students have been charged as a result of brawl at Upper Darby High School.
Priest's Rape Victim Dies
The future of the sex abuse case against the Rev. Robert L. Brennan, arrested and charged with raping an altar boy from 1998 to 2001, is now uncertain after the death of the 26-year-old plaintiff.
Jersey's Gay Couples Hurry to Marry
Gay couples exchanged vows in several New Jersey communities Monday. NJ began recognizing their marriages at 12:01 a.m.
Skinheads Gather At Fairmount Park
Skinheads gather to promote white supremacy were met by counter protesters
Student Gunman Got Weapon From Home
The 12-year-old Nevada gunman that injured two classmates, then killed his teacher and himself brought gun from home.