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Headline for 6 Thai Street Foods for Novice Foodies – Tantalizing and Irresistible Local Dishes 
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6 Thai Street Foods for Novice Foodies – Tantalizing and Irresistible Local Dishes 

Visitors to Thailand should undoubtedly take the opportunity to savour the delectable local street foods such as tom yum goong, pad Thai, pad krapow, Thai massaman curry and som tam; these dishes would be mouth-watering treats for foodies looking to savour new flavours. 


Tom yum goong

A fine choice with which to commence your experience of Thai dishes would be the mouth-watering tom yum goong or spicy shrimp soup. You could obtain this dish from upscale restaurants or modest street food stalls according to your preference. This delectable soup would be noted for its distinctive aroma and spicy flavours. Typical local ingredients such as chilli, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal, shallots, lime leaves, fish sauce and lime juice would be used in making this dish. Optional ingredients would be coconut cream and mushrooms. 


Pad Thai

Undoubtedly, a culinary highlight would be the very popular pad Thai or Thai-style fried noodles which would be an iconic local dish. Basically, this tasty dish would feature stir-fried rice noodles, eggs, vegetables and tofu in addition to a protein like shrimp, beef or chicken. However, vegetarian versions of this dish would also be available. You would be able to find pad Thai at almost any street corner and it would make a flavourful and inexpensive meal. 


Pad krapow

Another distinctive Thai speciality would be the enticing pad krapow which would translate as a basil stir-fry. To make this dish, minced chicken or pork (or tofu, another delicious variation) would be stir-fried along with Thai basil as well as a generous quantity of chilli. As you might expect, this culinary creation would be rather spicy but you would be able to request the vendor to reduce the level of spiciness. This dish would typically be accompanied by a fried egg and white rice. 


Thai Massaman curry

A distinctive culinary speciality that you would have the opportunity to try out during your visit to Thailand would be the tantalizing Massaman curry. Interestingly, this dish originated amongst the Muslims of southern Thailand and offers a unique fragrance as well as a pleasingly creamy texture. You would also find that this curry would be rather less spicy than most other curries in Thailand. This dish would typically feature chicken, goat or beef and would usually be served with rice and other local dishes. 


Som tam

Your experience of Thai dishes wouldn’t be complete without trying out the zesty som tam or spicy green papaya salad. Counted amongst the best-known Thai dishes, som tam would typically contain chopped green papaya, carrots, tomatoes, dried shrimp, peanuts, palm sugar, runner beans, fish sauce, tamarind pulp, garlic, chilli and lime juice. A choice of accommodation to consider where you could also enjoy som tam and other Thai dishes would be the hotels in Bangkok Thailand belonging to hospitality brands such as Chatrium Hotels & Residences.


Pad phak

An interesting dish that would also be a good choice for vegetarians would be pad phak or Thai fried vegetables. Just like other Thai dishes that attempt to include a variety of different elements, this stir-fried vegetable speciality would also present a tantalizing blend of harmonious flavours. You would find that the distinctive tastes provided by the combination of fried vegetables found in this dish would be perfectly complemented by additions of salt, sugar and spices.

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