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Best Beaches

| The Best Beaches In The World
Are looking for a beach destination? Then here you are at the right place. is only for beach lovers. You can view beaches, Beach reviews, beach activities, beach animals and lots and lots of things. Come and have a look and you also can leave a comment to that.
10 top activity holidays by the beach

Swimming in Malta It's 7pm when I fly into Gozo for a week's swimming break. There's a hazy evening light and buildings are sunbleached and grubby from lack of rain. The taxi smells of old cigarettes and air fresheners as we drive past dry fields, gravel, scrub and stone walls.

Hit the Beach! 10 of The Best Beach Activities in Wales, UK
If you were to walk the 870-mile Wales Coast Path (and please do), you'd come across the greatest concentration of award-winning beaches in Britain. We've suggested some activities to do on certain beaches. But they're all suitable for simply larking about.
10 Best Beach Activities for the Family

Do your summer plans say BEACH? If so, you're going to love this list of fun things to do with kids. Honestly, it takes a lot to motivate me to go to the beach. Mostly, because I don't enjoy sunbathing, I seriously turn another shade of brown within 10 minutes of being in the sun.

Best Family Beach Activities
Seaside Fun for the Whole Family For many US families, rites of summer include hailing ice cream trucks, playing (or at least watching) baseball and taking trips to the beach. While the first 2 activities similar in most places, beach-going can lead to a host of eclectic experiences, depending on where your family vacations.
Top Beach Activities in Sri Lanka
Tourism is one of the biggest income streams for Sri Lanka and its beautiful beaches are the main attraction for tourists. Situated in the Indian ocean, Sri Lanka is renowned world over for its beautiful white sand beaches.
A How to Guide to Kayaking

Kayak Equipment The only equipment you need to kayak is a boat, a paddle, and a life jacket. Additional equipment you may want includes kayak booties, gloves, and a wet suit or paddle jacket depending on air and water temperatures.

Montego Bay

This is my first view of the beach once I check into my hotel in Montego Bay, Jamaica: Lush green coconut trees, an ocean with vibrant shades of blue, and white sand. Closing my eyes, and breathing in the clean Caribbean air, my mind and body forget the stress of everyday hustle and bustle.

Visiting Sardinia

When Visiting Sardinia Did You Know? Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean. (Sicily is the largest.) Sardinia has been inhabited since prehistoric times. 7000 nuraghi - round stone fortresses - are scattered across Sardinia. Additionally, you will find ancient temples, tombs, menhirs - large upright standing stones - and remains of entire Bronze Age villages in Sardinia.

Russell Fields Pier and Beach: Best Beaches in Florida

Beach Rating Beach Personality: Never A Dull Moment (unless it's winter) Russell Fields Pier and Beach Imagine walking on a silky white sand beach with delightfully clear emerald green water for 27 uninterrupted miles. Does that sound like a dream? It doesn't have to be because that's what you will find at Panama City Beach on Florida's northwest gulf coast.

Best Beaches in the Caribbean: Grace Bay Beach - Providenciales (Provo) Turks and Caicos Islands

Grace Bay Beach on Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands is a gorgeous tropical beach in the Caribbean. It's blessed with powdery white sand and magnificent turquoise water. Grace Bay Beach is a best beach for couples, families, and retirees.

La Jolla Shores - La Jolla, California: Best Beaches in California

La Jolla Shores Rating Beach Personality: A Wildlife Lovers' Dream In A Convenient Location La Jolla Shores La Jolla Shores is a very nice pocket beach in a beautiful community. The beach's visitors are a diverse group of people including locals and tourists of all ages.

Meads Bay Beach Anguilla: Best Beaches in the Caribbean

Meads Bay Beach Rating Beach Personality: Romantic Meads Bay Beach Anguilla Meads Bay Beach Anguilla is just one of 33 beaches on the island! On a tropical island full of magnificent beaches, Meads Bay stands out for its uncrowded, romantic ambiance. That is probably due to its glorious sunsets and soft, white sand lapped by warm, inviting water.

Balboa Beach -- Newport Beach: Best Beaches in California

Balboa Beach Rating Beach Personality: Like Being At A Magnificent Resort Beach Without The High Cost Balboa Beach This is one of the few beaches I've ever been to where the sand is literally golden! It almost seems to glow in the sunlight.

Best Beaches in Hawaii: Waikiki Beach - Oahu, Hawaii

Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu in Hawaii is anything but remote or isolated. In fact, it attracts approximately 5 million visitors a year. Although it's a busy, often crowded beach it has all the things Hawaii's beaches are known for: soft sand, warm tropical water, and lots of beachfront activities.

Mexico Beach -- Florida Versus Mexico's Beaches

Mexico Beach, Florida Florida's Mexico Beach is located in Bay County about 30 minutes' drive from Panama City, Florida. Although it's a small town, it has been drawing beach vacationers for generations not only for its weather, white sand beaches and crystal blue water, but also because of the many activities the area has to offer.

Salt Creek Beach - Dana Point, California: Best Beaches in California

Salt Creek Beach Rating Beach Personality: A Champagne Beach at a Rotgut Price Salt Creek Beach Salt Creek Beach is part of the larger Salt Creek Park, part of the Orange County Parks system. According to Orange County Parks, "Salt Creek Park provides access to 18 acres of public beaches.

Puerto Rico Vacations

A Few Puerto Rico Facts The earliest inhabitants of Puerto Rico are believed to have lived there as early as 2000 BC. The first European to discover Puerto Rico was Christopher Columbus in 1493 on his second voyage to the New World. Juan Ponce de León founded the island's first settlement on August 8.

Aliso Beach -- Laguna Beach: Best Beaches in California

Aliso Beach Rating Beach Personality: Very Clean, Enchanting, Family Friendly Beach Aliso Beach Aliso Beach is a very family friendly, community-oriented beach. The day I was there, there were two community events going on. One was a voter registration drive and the other a beach clean up.

South Walton County Florida Beaches

Location South Walton County Florida is located approximately midway between Panama City, Florida and Pensacola, Florida. The beach towns of South Walton County include: Climate Because of its location in northern Florida, the beaches of South Walton County Florida are cooler during much of the year than other parts of Florida.

Best Beaches in Hawaii: Wailea Beach - Maui, Hawaii

Best Beach Rating Beach Personality: Fabulous Your perfect day at Wailea Beach might begin with an early morning snorkel. Snorkeling is best in the morning here because the wind usually picks up in the afternoon making the water choppy and visibility less than ideal.

A How to Guide to Building Sandcastles

Okay. I know. Anyone can build sandcastles. But, have you ever seen some of the amazing sandcastles and other sand sculptures built in sand building competitions? They are truly a work of art and a masterpiece of engineering.

Best Beaches in Florida: South Beach - Miami Beach, Florida

South Beach is both a beach and a neighborhood in Miami Beach, Florida. South Beach, the beach, runs along the Atlantic Ocean from 5th Street to 21st Street. It's composed of a long, wide swath of sand and beautiful, calm, very shallow, turquoise water. South Beach is a best beach for singles and couples.