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Sri Lankan Cuisine - Dishes That’ll Make You Want To Visit Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan cuisine is a treasure trove of flavours, and these dishes offer just a glimpse of the culinary delights you can savour on the island. From the complex spices of rice and curry to the unique textures of hoppers and kottu roti, and the fiery kick of pol sambol, each dish offers a distinct gastronomic experience. Exploring the diverse and scrumptious world of Sri Lankan food is an adventure you won't want to miss.


Rice and Curry

Rice and curry are the quintessential Sri Lankan meal and a true representation of the country's culinary culture. This dish typically consists of fragrant, fluffy rice accompanied by an array of curries, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. The curries are prepared with a medley of spices, coconut milk, and a variety of vegetables or meats. Don't miss the opportunity to taste the fiery fish curry or the creamy and aromatic chicken curry. This a dish you will easily find on menus of boutique villas in Sri Lanka.



Hoppers, or appam, are a popular Sri Lankan breakfast dish that can be enjoyed any time of day. These bowl-shaped pancakes are made from a fermented rice flour batter and are known for their crispy edges and soft, spongy centres. Hoppers can be ordered plain or with a runny egg in the middle (egg hopper) or with sweet jaggery for a delightful dessert (sweet hopper). They are often served with a side of coconut sambal or spicy curries.


Kottu Roti

Kottu roti is Sri Lanka's version of street food bliss. It consists of chopped-up pieces of roti (flatbread) stir-fried with an assortment of ingredients, including vegetables, meat, and an array of spices. The sizzling sound of kottu being prepared is music to the ears of hungry passersby. You can customize your kottu by choosing your preferred protein, making it a flavorful and satisfying street food experience.


String Hoppers

String hoppers, or idiyappam, are delicate, steamed rice noodle nests that are a staple in Sri Lankan cuisine. These fine, white noodles are often served with a range of accompaniments, such as dhal (lentil curry), coconut sambal, and spicy curries. String hoppers are loved for their light and airy texture, making them an excellent base for soaking up the flavours of the accompanying dishes.


Pol Sambo

Pol sambol is a fiery coconut relish that adds a punch of flavour to any Sri Lankan meal. Made from grated coconut, red onions, chilli flakes, lime juice, and a hint of Maldive fish (dried fish), this condiment is both spicy and aromatic. It's traditionally served alongside rice and curry dishes to add a burst of flavour and heat. Pol sambol showcases the bold and zesty side of Sri Lankan cuisine. If you are staying at 



This tantalizing dish is a celebration of Sri Lankan flavours, bringing together a unique blend of ingredients and spices. It all starts with the careful roasting of spices, infusing them with a deep, aromatic richness. Small pieces of jackfruit are then combined with these roasted spices. The star of the show, the jackfruit pieces, coated in this fragrant gravy, absorbing the essence of the spices and aromatics. To tie it all together, a creamy pour of coconut milk bathes the concoction, infusing it with a luxurious creaminess. This dish is best eaten with rice. You are sure to be able to enjoy this curry with a simple request put forward to the chef at properties by Reveal the Collection.

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