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Updated by Joanna James on Sep 19, 2023
Headline for 10 Street Food in Sri Lanka For A Mouth-Watering Experience - A unique food culture 
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10 Street Food in Sri Lanka For A Mouth-Watering Experience - A unique food culture 

Do you know the best thing about Sri Lankan food? They are full of spices, and the overall flavour is beyond all expressions. The street food culture is no different. In Sri Lanka, you can surely enjoy a wide variety of street food dishes ranging from desserts and drinks to heavy meals. Read on! 


Koththu Roti 

No one knows about the origins of this infamous dish in Sri Lanka, but many believe that it must have come from the Tamil community in the country. Pieces of roti are well infused with masalas of tomatoes and onions, and depending on your choice, they add meat, fish or egg. Thanks to the Sri Lankan spices, the taste gets doubled! 

It's not only a street food dish. Even at a corporate function at a luxury property such as Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo, you may find one or two kottu stations. If you haven't tried out this dish, you should definitely do it soon. 



Have you ever heard of this name before? This is not a popular food in Sri Lanka, but indeed, it's unique. Simply put, saravita are fresh coconut shavings in vibrant colours (they use dyes for this) wrapped in betel leaves. It's sweet in taste, but not so recommended to eat too much. 


Hoppers and String Hoppers 

Locals call them as ''appa and indi appa", and of course, two of the most popular dishes in Sri Lanka. There are plain hoppers, and then there are also egg hoppers. The choice is yours, but keep in mind to try them with Sri Lankan lunumiris. If you are going for the option of string hoppers, a fish curry or a chicken curry together with some coconut sambal will be the best-ever combination.



If you are a dessert lover, this is one of the best things to do near Colombo. Go to a restaurant or a street food stall that has desserts, and ask for a cup of Watalappam. They say this dish must have come from the Malay community, but today, everyone loves this dessert. Coconut milk is used to prepare this dessert and as cashew nuts, jaggery and spices also get added, the final taste that comes is unparalleled. 



If you go to Colombo, Sri Lanka in the evening, and decide to visit Galle Face, this is something that you are going to try out there for sure! Isso Wadei is the most common variety of wadei in the country, and everyone simply loves it. First, you will love how others enjoy wadei, then you will love the smell and finally, you will love the taste. 



A pickle lover? Well, then you are going to fall in love with Sri Lanka because of ''achcharu''. Sri Lankans make achcharu with almost every fruit. You can either pick achcharu from one single fruit (mango, pineapple, Ceylon Olive, apples, guava) or if you prefer a mix, you can also take an all-in-one achcharu cup. You will not find a similar taste anywhere in the world, and that's guaranteed. 

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