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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
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10 foods you should try in Sri Lanka – A mouth-watering food culture 

What will be the first thing that comes to your mind when the name 'Sri Lanka' is brought up? The beaches? The people? Well, it can be a combination of many things. But what about the ever-amazing Sri Lankan food? Read this article to get an idea of how amazing this food culture is. 


Fish ambul thiyal 

In English, this is called 'sour fish curry', but every local will only know this when you say 'ambul thiyal'. Seafood is something that you will have to expect in an island nation such as Sri Lanka, and if you are a real seafood lover- you will surely fall in love with this specific dish. It's a dry curry fish with a lot of spices in it.



For some, Kottu is an art, and they can't survive a meal or two without this dish. Kottu is a beautiful and scrumptious mix of fried dough pieces, vegetables, meat (or eggs), cheese and many other spices, and this particular mixture can take you to another world. You will love how the chefs prepare the kottu to a rhythm, and then serve it with some curry sauce. If you try this dish once, you will surely ask for more! 



Simply put, this is the dhal curry in Sri Lanka. This is a dish you will find even if you go to a wedding or a function at Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, because regardless of the time of the day, and the scale of the event, locals love this dish. The best thing about 'Parippu' in Sri Lanka is that it goes well with almost every main dish- be it rice, bread, string hopper or even noodles. 



Are you a fan of jackfruit? Then this 'polos' curry is something you need to try out. Turmeric, garlic, onions, ginger and even mustard seeds are added as ingredients to this curry, and the combination of all these at last, is surely a great creation. Some of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka are located outside Colombo, and this is a dish that you can try out at these places. 



When Sri Lankans want to celebrate something, they prepare 'Kiribath' (milk rice). It's a version of boiled rice to which coconut milk and salt are added in the process. Milk rice is a little creamy and sticky as well, and the best taste comes out when you try out milk rice with lunu miris (a sambal chilli sauce) 



Locals call it 'appa', and this mainly has two versions, the pain hopper and the egg hopper. You can enjoy this with lunu miris, and if that's not available, you may also have it with an onion sambal. In Sri Lanka, there is also another dish called 'Indi Appa' which means string hoppers. Although the names sound alike, they are two different dishes, but they are equally tasty. If you try out string hoppers, you will have to have a curry with gravy. 

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