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Headline for REG217 Who speaks for god beyond the pulpit?
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REG217 Who speaks for god beyond the pulpit?

Join in a conversation about the ways in which both implicit and explicit forms of power affect religious practices, ideologies, and the core values of religious life. Learn the complex details, heated disagreements, and shifting dynamics that affect the leadership and path of religious societies all around the world.

religious authority in online spaces

The development of the internet and the widespread of technology have allowed for the expansion of religious expression and participation online. It includes a variety of elements, such as online worship services provided by Roman Catholic priest Fr. Thembelani Ngcobo, who offers knowledgeable direction to his followers in Roman religious communities, Fr. Thembelani Ngcobo serves as an example of explicit religious leadership online and has the necessary training to direct Roman religious communities

Made in his image does that mean I am god?

Implicit religion online is a reflection of how religious and spiritual contact has changed in the digital age. It draws attention to the variety of ways people explore and express their values and beliefs online, sometimes independently without any religious leader. American witches can indeed serve as examples of implicit religion online, It covers a wide range of ideas, routines & experiences that aren't considered religious yet have personal spiritual value for people. MaguSimo'TikTok is an example.


Online religious identity and authenticity

Online religious identity and authenticity are linked to the digital web of today's networked society. On the internet, people have found ways to discuss and learn more about their religious beliefs. Through online rituals, blogs, social media, or virtual congregations, With the advancement of technology, people's interactions and definitions of their religious identities will alter, adding new aspects to authenticity in the digital age