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Headline for 5 Eco-Tourism Experiences in the Maldives - Experience tropical island living, sustainably and responsibly
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5 Eco-Tourism Experiences in the Maldives - Experience tropical island living, sustainably and responsibly

Sustainable and eco-friendly travel has been on the rise more than ever and it is only right that visitors to the Maldives too embrace the buoyant trend to conserve the stunning archipelagic nation. Come, experience tropical island living the sustainable and responsible way in the idyllic Maldives.


Snorkelling and Scuba Diving - Uncover fascinating oceanic wonders beneath the tropical blue

The crystal clear waters, schools of tropical fishes and striking coral reefs that call the Maldives home, complemented by year-round sunshine, make the South Asian nation one of the top snorkelling and scuba diving destinations in the world. While both snorkelling and scuba diving make for an exciting experience of uncovering fascinating oceanic wonders, they also make for a truly rewarding experience, as they are both sustainable and environmentally friendly ways of admiring creations of nature. Snorkel/dive suit up and hit the alluring waters to descend beneath the tropical blue.


Male City Walking Tour - A glimpse into authentic island living

Authentic island living out in the real Maldives is anything but “fabricated” paradisiacal island living on palatial island hotels and resorts. For a truly authentic experience, embark on an insightful Male city walking tour, exploring the everyday lives of ordinary locals and the heartland of the island nation. It is vital that you choose your outfits wisely and with modesty in mind when heading out to local islands such as Male to ensure that you dress in a way that doesn’t disrespect local culture and values — a crucial yet often overlooked side to sustainable tourism.


Island Hopping - An adventurous treat for the adventurous soul

The 1,200 or so islands, with close proximity to each other, that comprise the archipelagic nation make the Maldives one of the top destinations in the world for island hopping. Island hopping in the Maldives is a perfect example of exciting adventure meets sustainable holidaying. Hop aboard a boat and set sail into the wide-open seas to embark on an exciting adventure to explore the deserted islands of the Maldives, all while contributing to the conservation of the Indian Ocean islands by holidaying sustainably.


Support Coral Restoration - Adopt a coral, protect marine biodiversity

For those truly interested in sustainable and eco-friendly tourism, take part in coral restoration efforts by adopting a coral frame. Tourists to the island nation are invited to engage in interactive frame-building exercises and get hands-on experience in the conservation of precious marine life at the same time reducing their own coral reef footprint. Taking part in coral restoration will not only contribute to conserving coral reefs but also financially support the locals who have made building these coral frames their primary source of income.


Savour the authentic local cuisine - authentic experiences, mouth-watering treats

Eco-friendly tourism activities in the island nation of Maldives are literally plentiful, but one of the most unmissable is getting a taste of the country’s authentic local cuisine. Embark on an exploration of local cuisine at one of the finest Maldives eco friendly hotels, including the likes of OZEN by Atmosphere at Maadhoo.