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6 of the Top Things to Experience in Maldives – Not-to-be-missed Highlights of an Island Paradise

There would be an array of interesting and enjoyable things to do and experience during your visit to the Maldives, such as stand-up paddleboarding, diving, snorkelling, jet skiing, enjoying spa treatments and so on; these activities cater to the needs of various travellers as discussed below.


Stand-up paddleboarding

An appealing water activity that would draw the interest of many holidaymakers in the Maldives would be stand-up paddleboarding. This enjoyable water sport would be comparatively easy to learn and wouldn’t require very expensive equipment. It would also offer a comprehensive workout, involving the shoulders, arms, core, back and legs. Stand-up paddleboarding would also provide a good cardiovascular workout whilst burning calories and increasing endurance. Some Maldives resorts would provide the necessary equipment for this activity free of charge to their guests which is another plus.



Many visitors to these islands would take the opportunity to go scuba diving in the local waters. In fact, the Maldives would provide a marvellous environment for divers, as you would find stunning undersea scenery within the clear Indian Ocean waters. Undoubtedly, one of the most alluring aspects of exploring ethereal underwater worlds here would be the remarkable marine creatures that you could encounter. As you dive in the Maldives, you would be able to encounter huge whale sharks, majestic manta rays, exotic fish, resilient sea turtles and other ocean denizens.



If you happen to be a non-diver, you could still obtain an absorbing glimpse into the mesmerizing ocean wonders by going snorkelling during your visit. If you possess basic swimming abilities, you should be able to go snorkelling during your tropical holiday, especially at island resorts. Snorkelers would have the opportunity to admire the local underwater attractions, encountering flourishing corals, unusual kinds of fish and many other engrossing marine life. You may also undertake snorkelling excursions that would take you to attractive snorkelling spots.


Jet skiing

One of the other fun water activities in Maldives would be jet skiing which would draw the interest of adrenaline junkies. Although this water activity may not perhaps be the simplest to learn, once you master the skill of navigating one of these marvellous watercraft, you could have unlimited fun on the waters. It would always be a wonderful experience to glide over the water’s surface on your trusty jet ski with the sea breezes flowing through your hair as more adventures beckon you onward!


Enjoy spa treatments

As the Maldives would be famed for its international standard spas, your stay at a private island resort wouldn’t be complete without experiencing some holistic spa treatments. You would have the opportunity to indulge in special therapies, massages and wellness experiences that would leave you rejuvenated and refreshed. These treatments which can be enjoyed individually or as a couple, would be delivered by skilled and motivated therapists using quality products. An accommodation choice to consider where you could enjoy spa treatments in the manner described above would be OBLU SELECT Sangeli.


Take a dolphin-watching cruise

Anyone who has an interest in marine mammals would be entranced by one of the dolphin-watching cruises that you could undertake during your stay. As you might expect, observing these playful creatures in their natural habitat would be a not-to-be-missed opportunity. Your experienced captain would take you to the ocean localities where these endearing marine mammals could be observed. Naturally, one of these excursions would also provide couples with opportunities for romance whilst also being a marvellous family experience.