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Must-try Vietnamese Dishes- Savouring Seasoned Sensations 

A land of jewel-toned heritage enclaves wrapped in breathtaking natural vistas of cinematic mountains and dreamy seascapes, Vietnam is deliciously diverse in destinations, allurements, and of course, its gastronomic delicacies! Here are some Vietnamese concoctions you can’t miss.


 Pho: Never Gets Old 

No matter how many times you visit Vietnam, its classic ‘national dish’ always hits the spot just right while warming you down to your toes after a busy day of chasing epic enticements, from UNESCO-listed artisan cities like Hoi An and cutting-edge sensory feasts like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh to hidden beaches, clifftop panoramas, and rustic settings surrounded by rippling rice fields. This slurp-worthy staple broth is a hearty medley of savoury noodles, clear beef stock, juicy meat, and vibrant garnishes like herbs, bean sprouts, lime, hoisin, cinnamon, and hot chilli sauce. 


 Banh Mi: Upgraded Baguette 

With rich flavour notes ranging from sweet, spicy, salty, and sour to the indescribably savoury phenomenon called umami, Vietnamese cuisine will take your tastebuds on a tantalisingly unforgettable ride! If you’re already obsessed with the buttery flakiness of the inventive baguette, you won’t get enough of the Indo-French Banh Mi, a mouthwatering fusion of succulent meat, minced vegetables, and condiments stuffed in a crisp, airy sandwich. 


Goi Cuan: Guilt-free Spring Rolls

If your stomach needs a break from decadent fare and you’re looking for a lightweight snack to carry around with you as you follow the compass of your wanderlust, Vietnam’s colourful salad spring rolls are ideal; a medley of fresh shrimp, herbs, and vegetables wrapped securely in rice paper. If you’re questing for premier Halong Bay apartments offering excellent access to epicurean hotspots, venture no further than the likes of Citadines Marina Halong. 


 Ban Khot: Mini Pancake Bites 

Another addictive street food munchable is the iconic medallion-sized pancakes known as Ban Khot. Not only are they tiny and pillowy enough to eat by the dozen, but they’re also packed with delightfully contrasting flavours of savoury coconut cream, pungent fish sauce, springy shrimp, and diced-up pickled veggies. 


Ca Kho To: Caramelised Comfort Food 

The usual subtle sweetness, spiciness, and savouriness of Vietnamese cuisine is kicked up a notch or two with this soulful fish curry, cooked in a clay pot and braised to luscious, tender perfection with aromatic undertones of sweet coconut water, brown sugar, umami fish sauce, and chilli, served over fragrant white rice. 


 Che: A Drinkable Dessert 

A rainbowy mountain of ice, coconut milk, colourful jellies, glutinous rice, tropical fruits, crunchy peanuts, and steamed varieties of beans, this toothsome classic is perfect to cool off after an exhilarating ride through the atmospheric labyrinths of Saigon


Chao Tom: Sweetly Savoury Seafood 

A smoky, syrupy traditional appetiser with fascinating cookery behind it, this dish comprises of seasoned prawns made into creamy paste and wrapped around a sugarcane stick before being steamed and deep-fried. This piquant seafood roll is then plated with fresh lettuce and sweet chilli dip for a lip-smacking hors d'oeuvres.


 Ban Ranh: Fantastically Crispy Fritters 

If you’re in the mood for some sweet sustenance that doesn’t cause a major sugar rush, these chewy, golden-brown, sesame-dusted balls are filled with mung bean paste and deep-fried to blissful perfection.