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Updated by Joanna James on Aug 30, 2023
Headline for Top 5 Things to Do in Tangalle, Sri Lanka - There's More Than Relaxing on the Beach to Do Here!
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Top 5 Things to Do in Tangalle, Sri Lanka - There's More Than Relaxing on the Beach to Do Here!

Azure waters, golden sands and oodles of mellow vibes; while the string of incredible beaches is what put Tangalle on the map, the laid-back beach city has more to it than just the beach. Come, explore and discover what Tangalle has in store for you and treat yourself to a blissful seaside getaway.


Rent a scooter - set your inner explorer free

In a city that’s blessed with beaches as beautiful as Tangalle’s, the longing to unwind on golden sands and wallow in some immersive beach time is self-explanatory. Nevertheless, this part of the tropical island nation is blessed with more than just picture-postcard beaches and calls for some blissful exploring. No matter the nature, beauty and scenery that await your discovery, exploring is only as blissful as the convenience and ease of the activity; hence, renting a scooter is the top choice for exploring Tangalle and the vicinity.


Go diving or snorkelling - uncover the treasures of the world underwater

The palm-fringed golden sands are a favoured choice by tourists and locals alike for immersive unwinding and relaxation but the azure waters that lap the pristine sands also have something exciting for the excited outdoorsy. The year-round sunshine, crystal clear waters and colourful coral reefs make the laid-back beach town one of the best on the island for snorkelling and scuba diving. Throw yourself in a diving or snorkelling suit and hit the alluring waters to uncover the fascinating treasures of the world underwater.


Safari at Yala National Park - get up close and personal with fascinating island fauna

A visit to Yala National Park will take you on a 3-hour-long, 100-kilometre journey outside the city of Tangalle, but Sri Lanka’s fascinating tropical island fauna make the drive totally worth it and as the most visited of the 22 national parks of the nation, you surely won’t be left disappointed. Hop on a mighty safari jeep and embark on an exploration of the protected nature reserve and keep your eyes peeled for elusive and enchanting wildlife sightings.


Swim at Goyambokka Beach - a cool dip to beat the heat

While sure to take your breath away with their appealing seaside charm, the host of beaches that call Tangalle home aren’t exactly meant for swimming, at least not for those who aren’t daredevil sea-savvy thrill-seekers. Goyambokka Beach is an exception and has long been a popular spot for swimming thanks to its reef that calms most of the strong waves. Jump in and have a cool, relaxing dip while treating your eyes to the surrounding seaside scenery.


Go surfing at Hiriketiya Beach - ride the waves of the tropical blue

Craving a bit of adventure in Tangalle? Get your long-awaited fix of adrenaline by catching a wave or two at Hiriketiya Beach. Grab yourself a surfboard and hit the thrilling yet welcoming waters to ride the waves of the tropical blue. After a day of fun and exhilaration, retreat to one of the finest hotels in Tangalle, including the likes of Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, and wallow in relaxation.