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05 Fun Things to Do in Tangalle - Laid-back beach in the vibrant south

Among the string of fantastic beaches that lap the southern coast of the teardrop island, Tangalle sure is one of the laid-back of the bunch, appealing to all the mellow beach bums to the south. Treat yourself to a slice of sun, sand and sea in undisturbed tranquillity in beautiful Tangalle.


Trek to Mulkirigala Rock Temple - adventurous exploration meets fascinating history

Nestled high in the sanctuary of a dense forest, on a 205-metre-tall natural rock, amidst four other boulders standing guard, Mulkirigala Rock Temple easily tops hiking and trekking choices in beach-dominant Tangalle. The trek through the forest and uphill to the temple surely is one that could be best described as “heart-pumping”, but like avid explorers who’ve had the pleasure of traversing the adventurous course would certainly agree, it is worth breaking sweat. Mounting the rugged and rocky ascend, what awaits you besides the main stupa and scenic views are a host of striking paintings, sculptures, murals and architectural structures — sure to treat the eyes of your worked-out self.


Visit the Rekawa Turtle Watch - get up close and personal with the brown-toned shelly creatures of the sea

As the sun goes down and darkness descends upon serene Tangalle, the laid-back beach town is still alive with oodles of wonderful things to make yourself busy; a short 10-kilometre drive away at the shores of Rekawa, something awaits that treats you to a quintessential southern beachside nightlife experience. Make your way to the Rekawa Turtle Watch, a safe haven for turtles with a stretch of protected beach, which attracts quite an incredible number of endangered species of sea turtles who come to lay their eggs before heading back to the ocean.


Explore the Udawalawe National Park - fascinating tropical island fauna, up close

No Sri Lanka experience would be complete without experiencing the island’s fascinating tropical fauna, and with one of the country's most incredible national parks being just a 2-hour drive away from Tangalle, it is an absolute must. Hop on a mighty safari jeep and head into the protected wilderness of the Udawalawe National Park where you are afforded sightings of some of Sri Lanka’s most favoured wildlife.


Explore the serene Tangalle Lagoon - oodles of nature and beauty, yours to savour

The string of stunning beaches that lap the city of Tangalle hardly needs any introduction, but the city’s lesser-known lagoon, the serene Tangalle Lagoon, is just as fantastic. Set to the south of the city centre, the scenic nature spot is a haven for bird and marine life. Hop on a traditional canoe and meander down the unruffled waters to explore the oodles of nature and beauty.


Savour authentic island cuisine - let your inner foodie unleash

No matter where you go in the minuscule island nation, getting a taste of the South Asian country’s authentic local cuisine is absolutely unmissable. Embark on your exploration of local cuisine at one of the finest hotels in Tangalle, including the likes of Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, and let your inner foodie unleash.