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The Top Things to Do in Kalpitiya

A captivating coastal town situated along the northwestern shores of Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and diverse offerings, earning a reputation as a sought-after destination for both adventure enthusiasts and those seeking tranquil escapes. Beyond its aquatic offerings, Kalpitiya also holds cultural and historical significance. The town's heritage is intertwined with colonial influences, evident in landmarks like the Kalpitiya Dutch Fort, which echoes the island's past under Dutch and British rule.


Visit Wilpattu National Park

With the distinction of being Sri Lanka's oldest and largest national park, Wilpattu unfolds across diverse landscapes, from dense forests to tranquil lakes. Here, the rhythms of wildlife harmonize with the whispers of history, creating an enchanting tapestry that immerses visitors in both the wilderness and the annals of time. This convergence of nature and heritage offers a unique journey, where ancient echoes and vibrant ecosystems interweave, making Wilpattu National Park an unparalleled destination for both nature enthusiasts and history aficionados.


Take in the Kalpitiya Dutch Fort

Emerging from the annals of time, the Kalpitiya Dutch Fort stands as a tangible testament to the colonial saga that unfolded on Sri Lankan shores. Constructed with meticulous precision between 1667 and 1676 by the resolute hands of the Dutch rulers, this almost symmetrical edifice bears silent witness to centuries of history. Carved from limestone and coral, the fort's robust walls were once treasures that embarked on perilous journeys to and fro colonial times. 


Engage in a bit of Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing unfurls its vibrant canvas across the tranquil waters of Kalpitiya, casting its spell on enthusiasts and wanderers alike. This coastal haven, a veritable jewel on the tourist map, comes alive during the fervent kite season that graces the shores from May to October in the sun-drenched embrace of summer, and from mid-December to mid-March as the winds gather for a wintry season. Luckily, you'll have many hospitality options like the Dolphin Beach Resort to aid you in this. 


Witness marine life peeking above the waves

Nestled amidst the embrace of fourteen islands in the western expanse of Puttalam, this town becomes a theatre for nature's spectacle, where the ethereal dance of dolphins and whales comes to life. With finesse and exuberance, these creatures leap, twirl, and surf the waves, a mesmerizing performance that unfolds against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean's endless canvas. A perfect way to start an experience of whale watching in Sri Lanka.


Experience Kalpitiya Beach

Blessed with pristine sands and azure waters, Kalpitiya Beach captures the essence of a tropical paradise, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in its tranquillity and natural splendour. The beach's charm lies in its unspoiled beauty and serene atmosphere. Soft golden sands stretch along the shoreline, creating a perfect setting for leisurely strolls, sunbathing, and picnics. 


Kudawa Beach's Hidden Prospects

The exquisite Kudawa Beach. This hidden gem beckons with its promise of respite, offering a sanctuary of serenity amidst the vibrant rhythm of city life. Beyond its breathtaking beauty, Kudawa Beach emerges as a haven for aquatic enthusiasts, where a captivating array of water sports, from the exhilarating dance of kitesurfing to leisurely boat rides, awaits to be embraced.

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