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Alford & Ashe Academy

Reasons to Ensure Your Child's Holistic Development

A child’s holistic development is a goal for any parent, and the choice of their educational environment helps achieve this. Here are reasons why you should also prioritize your child’s holistic development

Be Involved in Your Child’s Learning Journey

Becoming an involved parent in your child’s learning journey is a rewarding endeavor. Your active participation as a parent can make a significant difference in their educational experience. It fosters their growth and development, as well as strengthens your bond.

Screen Time Guidelines for Preschoolers

A private school in Florida is essential for parents to handle the world of screen time with preschoolers intelligently. Screens have grown omnipresent in this digital age, and children’s access to them has increased significantly. However, establishing healthy screen time guidelines while actively encouraging parent involvement is critical.

The Invaluable Role of Parents in Preschool Education

The importance of parental involvement in a child’s education cannot be stressed in the picturesque town of Gibsonton, Florida, where families seek the greatest educational options for their children. Whether you’re thinking about enrolling your child in a preschool in Gibsonton, Florida, or looking into education options, one thread connects them all: the pivotal role of parents in encouraging academic learning.