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Updated by Ivan Landuyt on Jan 10, 2015
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Bookmarks/rss *

Under "bookmarks/rss" fall applications that either focus on the collection and presentation of rss-feeds, or applications that gather and organise bookmarks.


I use Symbaloo as my startup page in the browser. It forms a neat dashboard of all my major websites, organized in different tabs. As it collects website icons, it results in a colorful, recognizable and adjustable dashboard of bookmark destinations. It also allows easy sharing of dashboards with others.




With you make lists of bookmark items, that can be curated and commented and presented (embedded) within blogs. Visitors can add eventually their own bookmarks to your list.


If you like mind mapping and you need to visualize your bookmakers, then Pearltrees is your app. Low learning curve, keeps good overview of even extended trees. browser extensions let you quickly grasp your interesting trees in the internet forest. Quick preview also of the home page of the bookmark. Comments are public and pearls can be shared with others.


Netvibes is the all-in-one dashboard intelligence platform for real-time social media monitoring, social analytics, brand sentiment, reputation management, team management, company intranets and community portals. The #1 dashboard solution for Fortune 500 brands, agencies and enterprises.




Your News. Delivered. Stay current. Learn. Get inspired.


Still in beta, but promising. Allows flexible bookmarking of all open browser windows at once. Within each collection (called 'board'), you can make sub-boards. This allows a neat organization of your bookmarks.




When you find something you want to view later, put it in Pocket through a browser extension. It strips articles from all the gutter around them. No editing of the title though and no possibility for comments. Easy reshuffing.




Keeeb lets you bookmark pieces of texts, and photo's. It allows you to comment and keep your collections private, public or for assigned people. You can also make a team collection.

FavSync - The universal bookmarks manager

FavSync takes all these long lists of uncategorized bookmarks, categorizes them automatically, stores them on the cloud and presents them in a new, clear way, accessible faster, from anywhere and any device. It also allows users to sync bookmarks with other users, like Dropbox for bookmarks.